The Backworlds

The Backworlds Librarian s note There is an Alternate Cover Edition for this edition of this book here After the war with Earth bioengineered humans scatter across the Backworlds Competition is fierce and pickings

  • Title: The Backworlds
  • Author: M. Pax
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Librarian s note There is an Alternate Cover Edition for this edition of this book here.After the war with Earth, bioengineered humans scatter across the Backworlds Competition is fierce and pickings are scant Scant enough that Craze s father decides to hoard his fortune by destroying his son Cut off from family and friends, with little money, and even less knowledge oLibrarian s note There is an Alternate Cover Edition for this edition of this book here.After the war with Earth, bioengineered humans scatter across the Backworlds Competition is fierce and pickings are scant Scant enough that Craze s father decides to hoard his fortune by destroying his son Cut off from family and friends, with little money, and even less knowledge of the worlds beyond his own, Craze heads into an uncertain future Boarding the transport to Elstwhere, he vows to make his father regret this day.

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    • M. Pax

      M Pax is author of the sci fi series, The Backworlds, and the new adult urban fantasy Hetty Locklear series A Browncoat and SG fan, she s also slightly obsessed with Jane Austen In the summers she docents as a star guide at Pine Mountain Observatory where the other astronomers now believe she has the most extensive collection of moon photos in existence No fear, there will be next summer She lives in stunning Central Oregon with the Husband Unit and two lovely, spoiled cats Want to connect Visit mpaxauthor

    431 thoughts on “The Backworlds

    • Good Lord, how this did not work for me. Disliked the protagonist, disliked the prose, pretty much only liked that it was free and short. I'm kind of glad I didn't see any FIREFLY comparisons before reading it, as that would just have made the annoyance more intense.

    • Holy Cow! I bow before the master of science fiction. M Pax should be on the Hugo Ballet right now for this story. I became a fan of the author when I read Semper Audacia last year. I can't remember the details of that review, but I decided that I was going to be reading everything I could get my hands on that had M Pax on the cover. So, this came around and my perception of what this author is capable of just went up considerably. This is MAJOR league awesome. I need, what? I need another star [...]

    • Three stars is a first-novel gift.This isn't space opera. It isn't really even science fiction. It's an off-world coming-of-age story. Sort of like Star trek (that's no complement), it has aliens, technology and space geography pasted on to resemble science fiction. Everything was too easy.Having said that, there's potential here. Pax shows talent.

    • one of the first things the protagonist do,is buying boots .leather,hand made with a gemstone yeah,that's rightin the age where humans settled a quarter of the galaxy boots is a fucking issue

    • M Pax has visited the stars, you can tell. In fact, her bio says that she’s a star guide at Pine Mountain Observatory in Oregon. In her sparkling new space opera, Backworlds, her main character, Craze talks about shopping for a used rocket with scrappy cabins and a limit of “100 more jumps ‘n’ stops”. She’s created a nuanced galaxy of Backworlds and Foreworlds, with thugs on Wism, Jix cons on Elstwhere, and a rather verdant home planet of Siegna. If only Craze hadn’t been kicked of [...]

    • Craze is a Verkinn, a stocky race which can control their ear holes and have living hair that can braid itself. He's a big guy with a good heart who wears life-support overalls which help keep him out of hibernation when he gets in low oxygen environments. His family has betrayed him and undeservedly labeled him a leecher so he's on the run, determined to live out the old adage "The best revenge is to live well." During his quest he encounters a variety of other characters and they share numerou [...]

    • Due to the greed of his Father and Community Elders, Craze finds himself exiled from his home world. But all is not lost for him as he teams up a crew journeying the "Backworlds". All the while considering how he will make his fortune and take revenge on those back home!This story introduced some interesting characters and original concepts. It was also a very enjoyable read and I will be adding book 2 in the series to my reading list!

    • J'ai commencé The Backworlds sans connaître ni l'auteur, ni son univers et autant dire que j'ai eu du mal à me passionner pour ce premier tome de la saga.La faute à la lecture en anglais, moins naturelle certainement, mais aussi au manque de rythme du livre. De longues plages de dialogues dignes de westerns taiseux, un personnage principal dont l'ambition est d'ouvrir un bar (sans plaisanter), peu d'action Le seul point que j'ai apprécié est l'amitié qui naît entre Craze, le personnage p [...]

    • Pax is excellent at world-building, but Backworlds is ultimately not nearly as interesting as it should be. The biggest problem is that she leaps into the story without looking, sending the reader into the lead character's dilemma of being cast out by his father without first establishing why we should care about the poor guy to begin with. And then just sort of stumbles on from there. Some readers have apparently been turned off by what might be described as the backwoods, stereotypical Appalac [...]

    • Betrayed by his father, his girlfriend, and community, Craze is cast into exile, forced to make his fortune on his own. His father has taught him a few skills, but Craze never intended to set up a business on another planet and he's going to have to earn a lot more chips before he can hope to buy what he needs to start his own tavern. A few chance encounters and a back alley deal with stolen goods seems to put the fortune he needs within reach. Well, maybe and maybe he'll be lucky to get out ali [...]

    • I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was a fast read, yet did a great job of introducing the reader to the "Backworlds" and the characters there. Craze is young man who suddenly finds himself shunned by his father, his girlfriend and his home-world. Forced to move off-world (literally chased off the planet), and carrying only a few coins and even fewer possessions, he finds himself relying on the skills (scamming and manipulating) that his father taught him. But, when trouble soon finds him, he ha [...]

    • I have confessed to having a soft spot for sci-fi. I was hooked from the first page when I felt immediate sympathy for the main character, Craze. He's an underdog with limited material resources, but his drive and ingenuity come through loud and clear. After being betrayed by his father and booted out of his home planet, he makes new alliances in a desperate attempt to survive. Craze is a charming character. The Backworlds is a scary place with all sorts of bioengineered beings. I loved reading [...]

    • Fun and quick sci-fi read. I loved all the imaginative characters and Craze's living hair. Good set up for a series. I'm interested to see where they go from here. And, of course, I love the use of brown coats. :)

    • "A good book makes you want to live in its world. A great book gives you no choice." I can't remember who said it, but The Backworlds is therefore a great book. It doesn't quite make it to five stars because I like more thematic depth from books, but as a fast-paced adventure of planetary wheeling and dealing, it's a great one. Pax's writing hits that hallowed mark where I wasn't conscious of the words on the page (well, kindle screen) but there, in the Backworlds.Some of the reviews are saying [...]

    • My first introduction to this author. Story about a young extraterrestrial who is kicked off his home planet when his father decides the planet isn't big enough for the two of them. His exploits at his first time away from home. Consist of most of the story. He meets a large number of shady characters and also some very good friends. I had a hard time visuallizing some of the characters and locations, because descriptions were so foreign to me. I liked this story the more and more it went on, un [...]

    • This space opera was a quick read. I felt that the story started a bit abruptly with Craze getting booted from his home planet and we didn't have much backstory. A little more depth in the beginning would have been nice to help submerge me into the story and main character.The thing I found most interesting in the book was Craze's living hair that could braid itself. There were a few things, however, I found a bit cheesy and silly. Like the value of chocolate. Craze should have at least eaten a [...]

    • There are several things that bothered my with this book. The protagonist wasn't interesting nor did he keep his "alienness" throughout the book, i.e. he was pretty strange in the beginning but towards the end he was just a human doing human stuff. The storyline simply didn't interest me. How he befriended a bunch of random characters with practically no effort at all, how he as a master hustler somehow forgot to hustle his marks and more.Sadly I will not be reading the sequels.

    • I really did want to like this. The book does a pretty good job of establishing the protagonist and making us want to see him succeed and then basically fail to give us anything like that. Instead we get lots of contrivance to keep him involved in events, most notably characters becoming dedicated friends and allies after knowing each other for a page or two. The text needs to work harder than it did if it wants me to buy into the level of loyalty being displayed.

    • Great readI really like the world building and characters in this story which is not a space opera but is an interesting world and moves quickly if a little short in length. This story really pulls you into a different universe which is not easy to do for me! 70 years and long time SF reader.

    • 4 star beginning.Craze is ostracised and loses everything for dubious reasons. He then gets into, and out of, tight spots as he tries to find his way. I liked Craze as well as the new friends he meets. The story is fun to read, a well written tale with excitement aplenty to keep you reading.

    • My first M. Pax novel. Interesting and entertaining world building. Always something new to draw out the reader’s imagination.(Chocolate bars are worth more than their weight in gold.😉) Some original concepts are detailed so convincingly that there is a strong sense that they MUST be real. I already have the sequel on my Kindle

    • This story is about a young man, whose father betrays him, gets him kicked off the planet and marries his son's girlfriend, the young man has no choice but to get on the next spaceship leaving the docksBrilliant story, well worth a read.

    • AwesomeGood story, great characters, likable heroes, exciting ride from start to finish. Enjoyable, recommended. I'm looking forward to the next instalment.

    • The Backworlds(Book 1) by M. PaxThis book really entertained me.I love character driven stories and I frankly thought at the beginning that there was no way a shallow self absorbed character like this was going to get me through the story.The problem is that for the most part the story is well written and the style of writing drew me into the story.It took a while for my thick head to figure out that Craze was some sort of gene-engineered made for space being. And as I read I began to wonder if [...]

    • Synopsis:Craze is a Verkinn from the planet Sienga. His people appreciate hard work and deal making. Which he's done. But with the approval of the council his father Bast is taking on a second wife. The second wife happens to be Yerniss, Craze's girlfriend. In order to make things simpler, Bast and the council label Craze a Leecher, which is like calling him a welfare queen and among the Verkinn, it's one of the worst things you can be branded. Being handed a few chips and a backpack with a few [...]

    • I’ve been a fan of the sci-fi set for as long as I can remember. Mostly, it’s a combination of Star Trek and Transformers that have nurtured my love for the genre. And since those franchises have stayed with me since my childhood days, it almost goes without saying that I’ve developed my own taste of what I like to see in my sci-fi, fickly as those preferences may be.Mary Pax’s The Backworlds, then, transcends any of my expectations, and delightfully so. In fact, I didn’t know what to [...]

    • he Backworlds: A ReviewI've been reading scifi and fantasy (or spec fic) for about 40 years, but have mean basically ignorant of most of the genre until I started to write recently. For instance, I had no idea of self publishing and how much self published spec fic there is out there.The Backworlds is the first self published book that I have ever read. I wan to say up front it was a good experience.The Backworlds is the first in a series by M. Pax, who has a great blog which can be found here. [...]

    • Good BookThis book was pretty good. I enjoyed the fact that they traveled from planet to planet. And the writing was good, too.

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