Catching the Westbound

Catching the Westbound He came into this world with two distinctive qualities an extraordinary vision and an indomitable spirit but at the age of ten years old R J Watkins was banished from his small Appalachian community

  • Title: Catching the Westbound
  • Author: D.C. Hicks
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • He came into this world with two distinctive qualities an extraordinary vision and an indomitable spirit, but at the age of ten years old, R.J Watkins was banished from his small Appalachian community after being unjustly accused of igniting a mining accident With a little help from fellow riders of the rails, R.J learned how to survive on his own, but eventually his trHe came into this world with two distinctive qualities an extraordinary vision and an indomitable spirit, but at the age of ten years old, R.J Watkins was banished from his small Appalachian community after being unjustly accused of igniting a mining accident With a little help from fellow riders of the rails, R.J learned how to survive on his own, but eventually his train came to rest with the Benton and Walters Best Show in America, where R.J cultivated his unusual talents.At seventeen, R.J answered another whistle call of destiny, and he met the powerful McClennan family Like a dazzling display of fireworks to their fourth of July picnic, R.J provided the perfect blend of flavor for their family that had long since grew stale But when he had hard time adjusting to the lavish extremes of the East Coast high society, R.J learned to navigate their foreign world by completely transforming himself A metamorphosis so complete that within a few short years he was the talk of the town, a man he barely recognized Still all the talk was for naught because with the closing bell on a single autumn day in 1929, the McClennan fortune, which took generations to amass, was gone To stop the head on collision with destitution, McClennan s eldest son, Cosmo, made a deal with a devil, but it fell upon R.J to pay the dues No longer able to afford the luxury of other s opinions, R.J shed his finer sensibilities and used every trick he learned along the way to save his new family Will his efforts be enough or ultimately destroy them From majestic corners hidden deep within the mountains to New York City s finest ballrooms, Catching the Westbound chronicles the triumphs and tragedies of R.J Watkins, a boy who came from nothing but with unparalleled determination, will, and resilience became the last great pioneer of industry After a lifetime of traveling paths of decadence and despair, by grace alone, he discovered the road that would lead him home.

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    About “D.C. Hicks

    • D.C. Hicks

      After graduating from Ball State University, D.C married her first generation Appalachian husband, David They live in Indiana with their son Catching the Westbound is her debut novel She is currently working on her second novel.

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    • From my review:I really liked the first 3/4 of this book. RJ is a character with whom it is easy to relate. Or, he is at least entertaining to watch. The story weaves through his trials and tribulations and you can't help but root for him.I couldn't help but feel that there were a few spots towards the end of the book that would have made good stopping points for the novel. I was less enchanted with the last parts of the book and found RJ to be a bitter soul and not quite as likable as he was i [...]

    • This is a good and imaginative story but I found the grammatical errors very distracting. Sometimes I had to puzzle over what the author was really trying to say (i.e"high fluting"). With a good editor to smooth out the style errors this could become a 4-star read.

    • This novel really worked for me. It made me laugh; it made me cry; it made me laugh while I was crying - all that. RJ is a great character; he's super engaging and likable most of the time so when he does something wrong or uncool I more ache for him to fix things more than get frustrated with him. And he isn't perfect; which really is probably good or the story likely would have gotten old after a while.On the contrary, I just wanted the novel to continue forever. Every time the narrative skipp [...]

    • Bravo, DC Hicks! I was thoroughly entertained. I was drawn in by RJ's character within the first few pages of the book, and shared his life's journey with him--sometimes crying, sometimes laughing, and always rooting for him. What a bittersweet rags to riches tale, and a fantastic time capsule. I'd place CATCHING THE WESTBOUND on my book shelf between FOREST GUMP and WATER FOR ELEPHANTS.Here, I feel compelled to mention that I did read on other reviews that there were editing issues with the boo [...]

    • Gypsies tramps and thieves scallywags, dandies and all the trappings of Mark Twain, John Steinbeck in the making of a nation, the rebuilding of a life and a man… D.C. Hicks has done an outstanding job for her first novel… Wow!!! I have read many reviews where people have said that they couldn’t put the book down or couldn’t wait to get back to it… Well this is how I felt reading catching the Westbound… Great story line, many different twists, a love story A mystery, science fiction a [...]

    • I liked the story of the book but found the lack of good editing (i.e. using many times "then" when it should have read "than")very distracting. Also, there was a lot of profanity which I didn't like.

    • What a fantastic book I was blown away by the storyline! It has been a long time since I was so entertained by a book, I really look forward to the next book by this author.

    • What a ride!An interesting weaving of history into an engrossing life story. The hardships, trials, loves and dreams I wanted to follow to the end. I recommend this book. you will gasp, smile, laugh out loud and perhaps wipe away a tear or two.

    • It's a wonderful gift when you find a book that is so entertaining that it interrupts your daily life. Catching the Westbound by D.C. Hicks is one of those gifts.R.J. Watkins was born with the ability to see how people will die. It's a curse to R.J. as it is constantly clouding his mind with gruesome thoughts and scary visions of things to come. In his tenth year of life he gets the vision that the mine where his dad and most of the town's men work will collapse. He runs through the groups of mi [...]

    • This is an odd book/novel to begin with. You will ask yourself, what have I attempted to read? Give yourself a little time and a couple of more pages and the book will draw you in. The characters are well written and not there for the fluff, the situations are ones that could have existed at or during that particular time frame, the reactions of the characters are ones that could have reasonably been expected, and the later years of the main character's actions also could have been reasonably ex [...]

    • I finished reading the Kindle version and will be purchasing a hardcopy when available. It was a very well paced story that kept me coming back every chance I had a free moment. Having family from KY, I know some folks like R.J. and are proud to have them. Faults and all, they make life interesting just as R.J. did in this story. Through life's ups and downs, we are along for the ride. Can't wait to reread this.

    • I liked the first 3/4 of this book. RJ is entertaining and his interactions w others was interesting. I felt that there were a few spots towards the end of the book that would have made good stopping points for the novel but it continued on with some nonsensical plot turns-nuclear energy, really come on, and dragged on thru some parts. It was an entertaining read especially since it was a freebie

    • Riveting story about a child who is forced to leave home and live on the rails. His "gift" is both a curse and a blessing that shapes his life as he becomes a business tycoon. Taking the fall after his father-in-law's business fails when the Great Depression hits, he rebuilds his business and his personal life. Loved this story.

    • Very entertaining!This is book grabbed my interest from the first page and left me thinking about the story every time I was away from it. Though the main character is faced with many hardships, his life is quite a success in many ways in all the years he lived. This is a fast-paced, engaging, and very entertaining book.

    • An interesting story. As a 10 year old R.Jarts life as a hobo riding the trains with his best friend and then joins a circus. He meets the love of his life, a Wall St. princess and through trying to ride the Wall Street crash he ends up in prison. When he gets out due to hard work he ends up a billionaire. This is a feelgood book.

    • the story of RJ Watkins who was born with second sightfollows his story it will make you laugh and definitely make you cryDC Hicks this is a winner 5 stars ill be looking for more of your work a must read bravo loved it!!

    • This story had me laughing, crying, and staying up all night to finish. The characters are likeable and you feel for them and what happens during their life stories. A must read. But have tissues or a short-lived handy.

    • This was a great book! I laughed and cried. I don't want to spoil it for potential readers so I won't talk about specifics but I have never cheered on a protagonist as much as I did R.J. This was emotionally draining and as much as I wanted to put it down and walk away from it, I couldn't!

    • I really liked this book despite awkward spots in the writing. I found it very engrossing and so sad, but with happy moments as well.

    • Pretty good readIt was good book kept you interested and waiting for the next step in RJs life. I would definitely recommend this book.

    • It was an enjoyable story, however, the lack of editing and proofreading drove me quite batty. Then/thant once but constant from beginning to end.

    • I could not put this book down. I did not want it to end, but the ending was so appropriate. The main character, RJ was intriguing

    • "Catching The Westbound' is a gem of a book. The characters were well-developed & the plot was so original & fun to read. If you liked "Water For Elephants" you would love this book!

    • Good multi-generational story. For all of his faults, I really liked and admired R.J. He did it his way!

    • a first novel by an author from the Muncie, IN area shows great talent & imagination. this book really grabbed me with deep, exquisitely drawn characters & life stories/lessons.

    • Absolutely LOVED this book!! Had a hard time finding a stopping place to do other things at home!! Love a book like that!!!!!

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