The Fall

The Fall Rob Dewar is driving home when he hears on the radio that his old friend and climbing partner Jamie Matthewson has fallen to his death on a daredevil solo climb Although he not spoken to Jamie in ma

  • Title: The Fall
  • Author: Simon Mawer
  • ISBN: 9780316725248
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Rob Dewar is driving home when he hears on the radio that his old friend and climbing partner, Jamie Matthewson, has fallen to his death on a daredevil solo climb Although he not spoken to Jamie in many years, he turns his car around and heads to Wales to comfort Jamie s widow, Ruth This is a detour that will take Rob on a journey back to the past, to his youth, and to Rob Dewar is driving home when he hears on the radio that his old friend and climbing partner, Jamie Matthewson, has fallen to his death on a daredevil solo climb Although he not spoken to Jamie in many years, he turns his car around and heads to Wales to comfort Jamie s widow, Ruth This is a detour that will take Rob on a journey back to the past, to his youth, and to his own obsessive climbing days, when he made the pivotal choices that now come back to haunt him While unraveling the unanswered questions about Jamie s death, he confronts decades old betrayals and lies And it is the secrets about Jamie s life that lead Rob to the truth about his own mother s experiences in London before and during World War II Simon Mawer unveils the layers of history connecting a group of people intertwined over the years by love, competition, and lust In the shadow of one love triangle is the story of another, and as we follow the characters from London during the Blitz to the mountain ranges of the Alps and back to present day Wales, Mawer reveals how the agonies of the past weigh upon the present.

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      Simon Mawer born 1948, England is a British author He currently lives in Italy.

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    • Exceptionally wise and well crafted, this beautiful and sorrow filled story of personal as well as physical struggles on the ever present mountain slopes, tracks two generations of intermingled love affairs. The novel begins with the dramatic event of its title, with a famed and accomplished middle-aged mountain climber, falling from a Welsh cliff. (A route he should have never been climbing by himself). He leaves behind a widow, a former, now estranged best friend and the baffling question of w [...]

    • The story begins as 52-year-old Jamie Matthewson falls to his death on a solo climb better suited to a younger man. Rob Dewar, a long-ago friend and climbing partner, hears of the death and returns to Wales to offer condolences to Jamie's wife and mother. The death stirs up memories for Rob, and he begins telling the story of their boyhood and young adult friendship and climbing adventures. This story is interspersed with the story of their parents during World War II and how they all met and ma [...]

    • This is just the type of book I love- powerfully written historical/literary fiction with complex characters, depth, and powerful themes. I loved reading this book, but at times it made me deeply sad. I can't remember the last time I felt as sorry for a character as I do Jamie, so it was a difficult read.

    • Mawer, Simon. THE FALL. (2003). *****. Can this man ever write! The author drew on his experiences as a mountain climber when he was younger to weave this tale of climbing and the confusion of love and lust. It starts out slowly, but soon has you in its grip as the story of Rob Dewar and his friend Jamie Mathewson unfolds. I have to admit that I read this novel in one sitting, it was that gripping. It all starts out as Dewar was driving home one day and he learns that his old friend Jamie has fa [...]

    • Literary fiction about rock climbers I am poised to like this, but 20% of the way through it, I'm not sure if it lives up to the amazing reviews.I stopped reading this. It just didn't seem like a great book, which mystifies me.Okay, I just read some reviews. Maybe I need to pick this up again. I mean The Guardian, The Economist, and The Observer are way more sophisticated than I amOkay! I'm done, and I STAND by my original assessment. This book is crap! Sure, there is a love story at the heart [...]

    • I came across this book searching for WWII fiction and was immediately attracted because of the reviews. I don't like to get carried away with book reviews but will say that if I've truly enjoyed a book, I miss the story and its characters once I've finished, and that is the case with this one. It's a curious mix of perspectives, jumps in time, fascinating mountain climbing detail, and love story -- and it's beautifully written. The descriptive passages of the countryside in Wales, the ruined st [...]

    • I find books of this quality all too rare. Usually there are many good ideas and well presented ideas but then a denouement that leaves me flat. The Fall has an intriguing story, likable characters in interesting situations, and a fine ending twist (that isn't totally unexpected, though).If it seems all too convenient how characters meet in the past, I would bear in mind that there is truly no other way: Wherever you are is where and when you meet people. Your future grows out of that.I highly r [...]

    • The novel begins with a death that takes the narrator, Rob Dewar, back through time to uncover the enigma who was his friend and climbing partner, Jamie. It also cleverly weaves in the stories of Rob's and Jamie's mothers during WWII. I know nothing of climbing, so the detailed descriptions of hanging off ledges and scrambling across rock faces to avoid becoming so much scree were fascinating. Mawer kept the technical jargon to a minimum and conveyed the addicting nature of defying death to exce [...]

    • " Many relationships survive sewn together with tacit complicity and mutual deception. It's the cold light of discovery that is so dangerous so it's better to live with the lies " And so they do. We learn that "Ruth has always liked a bit more than she is entitled to," and so we follow our characters through their formative murky sexual awakenings into the confusion of adulthood trysts, romance and betrayal.A fascinating story that keeps the reader engaged throughout. An intricately drawn weave [...]

    • Peak ExperienceMagnificent! I got to know Simon Mawer's work through his 2009 Man Booker nomination, The Glass Room, which slightly disappointed me. But this 2003 novel is a different matter altogether, succeeding simultaneously as a romance, a war novel, an intergenerational saga, and quite the best book about mountain climbing that I have ever read.The novel opens with a climber falling from an exposed face in Snowdonia, North Wales. It grabbed me immediately, for a personal reason. Virtually [...]

    • bookcrossing/journal/1 I enjoyed this book about falling & climbing & love. It is well-written, indeed quite beautifully in places, & also remarkably easy to read - I read most of it in one sitting. I do feel so sad for Jamie, & all those lives lived at crossed purposes. I had a very good idea throughout the book what was humming along under all these relationships, so I wasn't surprised, more pleased to have been on the right track, which enhanced my enjoyment of the tale more t [...]

    • A few weeks ago, I heard a story on the radio about a man who deliberately killed himself by climbing to the top of his favorite New England peak, sitting down, and letting himself die of hypothermia. This radio story was always at the back of my mind during my reading of The Fall, by Simon Mawer. Two significant supporting characters in Mr. Mawer's book also died while mountain-climbing, in circumstances that made me question -- throughout the entire fairly suspenseful book, up until the very l [...]

    • Simon Mawer zas raz nesklamal. Krásne napísaná a skvele preložená kniha, ktorá funguje na mnohých rovinách. Prvou je samozrejme láska, v tomto prípade ľúbostný trojuholník, o ktorom ale nie všetci zúčastnení vedia, že je trojhulníkom; dve kamarátky, ktoré sa zaľúbia do toho istého muža, ale vlastne nie sú sokyne a obdivná láska mladého muža k staršej žene. It's complicated. Na to, koľko málo je v knihe postáv, je tu neuveriteľné množstvo vzťahov - priateľ [...]

    • An excellent novel that I picked up because I've enjoyed this author's books before; it turns out it's quite a bit about climbing. It centers around the complex and emotional relationship between climbing partners, and the precipitating events in the novel involve climbing. The plot will certainly be involving for non-climber readers, as well. Apparently the author used to climb quite seriously, and this book has some good descriptions of the some of the craziness and obsession that I've noticed [...]

    • The novel moves between two stories -- one, the story of two women and their friendship during WW@, the other the story of their sons' decades long friendship as mountain climbers. As the story begins, one of the men in present time has fallen while climbing in Wales. The other hears the news on the radio and immediately is drawn into memories. Eventually, we learn the reasons for their fast friendship and the coolness of their mothers toward each other and the other's son. This is a novel of th [...]

    • Strange twisted tale of two generations wickedly intertwined. Mountain climbing lends risky tension and technical detail - and oh yeah, the metaphoric title. I was thoroughly involved and yet am not sure I really liked any of the characters that well. It left me glad to have read it, glad it was over. The story bounced between two time periods; I liked the WWII story better, a love story. What was falling? a man, a boy, a love affair, a family. well done, a superior story. yes, one of these days [...]

    • I liked another Mawer book, the Glass Room, quite a bit so I tried another book from him. The Fall is almost as good, it's similar in that in covers several generations, intermixed in the writing. The Glass Room had a house as a major character, so there was a lot about architecture in the book. Likewise, The Fall has mountains, esp. the Eiger, as a major character. I like both architecture and climbing, so that works out for me, but may not for others. Mawer is a great story teller and the comp [...]

    • Complex, rich, filled with twists and turns, as well as adventure like I've never considereduntaineering and climbing. The relationships were as dangerous as the mountains climbed and filled with sometimes disturbing elements of the human capacity. The unresolved deathsicides or accidents? The unresolved relationships.berate or the evolution of life? Loved this book and the complexity of everything the author put in front of me, as well as left me with to consider!

    • I really like the way Simon Mawer writes. I loved Mawer's newest book, The Glass Room, and so I wanted to go back to read earlier books written by him. To be able to be transported into a novel set in a milieu in which I have no knowledge or interest (mountain climbing) and make it breathtaking is a gift from a skilled writer. I have read so many books where I skim through page after page of boring and gratuitous information just to get to the story, but not here.

    • Mawer has the uncanny ability to draw the reader in so deeply that it is disorienting - I was so engrossed, I missed my subway stop! This is a beautiful, substantive story of human relationship with it's inherent complexities - love, loss, friendship, betrayal - and how choices made in the past are indelibly imprinted on the future. The characters ate genuinely vulnerable, the landscapes exhilarating, the writing masterful. A stunning achievement!

    • I loved this book. Entangled relationships, step by step and turn by turn into mystery, misery, and triumph. I also learned a lot about mountain climbing and the type of person it takes to be good at that sport.

    • What an extraordinary story and brilliantly written book and one that constantly surprises until the very end. I must admit skimming a little through the descriptions of their climbs but mainly because I haven't a head for escalators let along icy precipices.

    • One of the best books I've read this year. Beautiful and compelling. A quiet gem whose story I know will stay with me for quite some time.

    • I wish I could give this book more than 5 stars. A wonderful read. Mawer is a genius at creating a world so vivid, I felt to heat of summer and the cold of winter. The story revolves around two men and the women they loved. The men are mountain climbers, when they are young. Descriptions of mountain climbing reveal the breathless thrill of that sport. There is a very circuitous story of the romantic lives of the main characters that parallels their passion for pursuing the next big climb. I have [...]

    • The Fall is a compelling human drama played out across time and against the vivid background of an obsession for mountains and climbing. Mawer writes beautifully and is in complete control of his plot and characters. The climbing scenes, particularly Jamie and Robert's ascent of the north face of the Eiger are brilliantly and nail-bitingly done. After a couple of false starts with novels that promised much but delivered little, The Fall was a pleasure to lose myself in: chunky, dramatic, gorgeou [...]

    • Loved it. I was involved from page one with the characters. The climb scenes were a bit long winded for me because I'm not familiar with the sport; but I pushed through them because I could see that they were necessary for the story. But what a story it was.

    • Intriguing Interesting story of lives tangled in ropes of love and lust fear and courage. The friendships are intriguing and not at all predictable. I liked the technical climbing descriptions although occasionally they bogged down the story.

    • Family secrets of two climbers whose own parents were part of the climbing community in the fifties, are slowly revealed. This book graphically describes the experiences and emotions involved in severe mountain climbing and a flavour of mores in the 1950s.

    • Absolutely loved it. Picked it up in a cottage I was staying at, would never have chosen otherwise, but I am really pleased I did. Great story well told

    • About a pair of friends in Wales who do mountain climbing - as well about the relationships of their parents during WWII, one of whom died in the Himalayas. I have no interest in mountain climbing, but the relationships of the characters were so well drawn, and the book was plotted very cleverly with flashbacks of the main character looking back on his youth as well as 3rd person story of the parents the generation before. You somehow don't want to miss a detail, and the details you think you un [...]

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