Brides of the Impaler

Brides of the Impaler When Cristina and her husband moved into the brownstone they thought it would be their dream house But almost immediately something began to beckon her She can feel it calling her luring her with

  • Title: Brides of the Impaler
  • Author: Edward Lee
  • ISBN: 9780843958072
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Cristina and her husband moved into the brownstone, they thought it would be their dream house But, almost immediately, something began to beckon her She can feel it calling her, luring her, with promises of passion, lust, and ecstacies she d never thought possible.

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      Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name.Edward Lee is an American novelist specializing in the field of horror, and has authored 40 books, than half of which have been published by mass market New York paperback companies such as Leisure Dorchester, Berkley, and Zebra Kensington He is a Bram Stoker award nominee for his story Mr Torso, and his short stories have appeared in over a dozen mass market anthologies, including THE BEST AMERICAN MYSTERY STORIES OF 2000, Pocket s HOT BLOOD series, and the award wining 999 Several of his novels have sold translation rights to Germany, Greece, and Romania He also publishes quite actively in the small press limited edition hardcover market many of his books in this category have become collector s items While a number of Lee s projects have been optioned for film, only one has been made, HEADER, which was released on DVD to mixed reviews in June, 2009, by Synapse Films.Lee is particularly known for over the top occult concepts and an accelerated treatment of erotic and or morbid sexual imagery and visceral violence He was born on May 25, 1957 in Washington, D.C and grew up in Bowie, Maryland In the late 70s he served in the U.S Army s 1st Ard Division, in Erlangen, West Germany, then, for a short time, was a municipal police officer in Cottage City, Maryland Lee also attended the University of Maryland as an English major but quit in his last semester to pursue his dream of being a horror novelist For over 15 years, he worked as the night manager for a security company in Annapolis, Maryland, while writing in his spare time In 1997, however, he became a full time writer, first spending several years in Seattle and then moving to St Pete Beach, Florida, where he currently resides.Of note, the author cites as his strongest influence horror legend H P Lovecraft in 2007, Lee embarked on what he calls his Lovecraft kick and wrote a spate of novels and novellas which tribute Lovecraft and his famous Cthulhu Mythos Among these projects are THE INNSWICH HORROR, Trolley No 1852, HAUNTER OF THE THRESHOLD, GOING MONSTERING, Pages Torn From A Travel Journal, and You Are My Everything Lee promises Lovecraftian work on the horizon.

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    • While reading this horror novel, I kept thinking about those old 70s Italian horror films. They have a lot in common: a unhealthy mixture of eroticism and sleaze, religious symbolism (also mixed with eroticism and sleaze), and silly dialog. I swear that while I read this book, I could see the characters moving their lips like it was badly dubbed. But I must say I enjoyed it very much in the same way I enjoy bad Italian horror flicks.The only thing I read by Edward Lee before this was the Inferna [...]

    • I haven't read any Lee in a long time and this was just the book to get me back in. I think this was better (or at the very least in different vein) than some of his older horror, more sophisticated, though that's not really the right word. More of a back story, more interesting, more of a plot driven story than just a flat out gross out gory sex fest. Really fun (the brutal scary kind) vampire story, which are so tough to find. Highly recommended.

    • Ahhh, look at what my sweet baby did while I was working. Maybe it's a sign that I shouldn't read this one . . . RIP!

    • I've only read a few of Lee's works, and Brides of the Impaler is one of the best. The characters are better developed, the plot is strong, and the gore isn't overdone. Aside from a few parts at the end that made me role my eyes, Brides is a really fun and solid read that reminded me of old Dracula films with Christopher Lee.

    • I very much enjoyed Edward Lee's Infernal trilogy and most of his other work, but I thought this was a lackluster attempt at a predictable story. While there were a couple moments that shocked me, most of the character's actions were very repetitive and slow. If strange things continue to happen to a character over and over, why do they act so ignorant and not take any initiative until the last few chapters? I'm really tired of reading apathetic characters in horror. On a small side note, I was [...]

    • Ever since I first read him, Lee is a writer whose new work is something I look forward to. So, when Brides was put on the shelf, I grabbed it without hesitation, happy knowing that if I wasn't wowed, at least I'd be entertained.Irritated was not the feeling I expected. It's been some time since I read this and all I can really remember is whats-her-face and her husband doin' the deed one too many times, a "plot" involving Vlad Tepes that went nowhere and a sudden and ridiculous change of charac [...]

    • Definitely the worst Edward Lee book I've read to date. There's so much useless filler in this story, I felt like I was reading one of Ann Laymon's "resurrections" of Richard's stories. The usual unconvincing character-types, which seem to be prevalent in Lee's books, dominate almost every page. I find it amusing in his other works, but here it's presented ad nauseum, bordering on ridiculous. The story has so much promise, but wastes so much time and text on the two-dimensional lives of these ch [...]

    • Usually I really enjoy books by Edward Lee. They are often twisted and creepy, however, this book meandered and it wasn't as satisfying as say, the INFERNAL series. Cristina moves into a remodeled once church owned property with her fiance Paul. The house, of course, has a secret. That secret revolves around Dracula and his legend and return. Murders are committed, lust is fulfilled and the prophecy comes to light. There were many problems with this book. The first one was that Cristina and get [...]

    • the sex scenes were okay but not as exciting as the others Edward has written. the plot was good but it lacked something I was addicted to in the first place that why it took me longer to finish. it didnt have enough blood, or murder. sure it had murder but not enough. i wanted to almost puke while reading it and i didnt feel it here. So i guess this book is okay for the beginners who want to try Edward Lee. Definitely for beginners! i wish someone had told me this because my first book was Fles [...]

    • Lee wallows in depravity, swims in an ocean of abominations. Unfortunately, this book was just a bit weak. Now, "weak" for Edward Lee would be "Utterly Grotesque" for anyone else, but I was a bit disappointed. While I'm far from a prude, the sexual escapades of the characters were too prominent as opposed to any atmosphere of surreal terror, details of gratuitous atrocities, or images of unbelievable violence. You know typical Lee stuff.

    • This is the worst of all the Lee novels I have read. But even then it is still a fun read. Christina has just moved into a huge house with her current boyfriend and weird stuff is happening. The novel is full of Lee's normal gore and moments of graphic sex. But it isn't as well written as the other stuff I have read from him. And the ending is kinda a let down. It almost feels like Lee let Brian Keene write the ending. But I found it cheap and more than got my money's worth outta it.

    • It was an ok read but could have been so much better. Lee apparently has an over obsession with sex. I don't mind this if it has something to do with the plot. Christina's sexual appetite played more into this story than the plot asks for. In fact, it was almost distracting as a lot of the commentary had to do with how much, how often and in what ways that they screw. I am a little hesitant on Lee material as he goes for shock value over substance.

    • Well this was a typical Edward Lee, lost of really heavy sex, interspersed with gory violence, which culminated in the good guys winning - or did they - read to find out. A nice easy book, with some historical facts about vlad the impaler and the origins of Dracula, which I really liked. An interesting concept, with a chance of a sequel.

    • I know it's not like most of Edward Lee's books, but that's fine. He not like other writers. The first half was pretty good, enough to hold my attention. The second half was like going down with a roller coaster. Loved it and I enjoyed the ending. Would have given it 4.5 if I could.

    • Apologies, but it's been a week since I read this, so don't expect the degree of detail you usually get in one of my reviews!I like Edward Lee. My first book was Slither which I bought at Heathrow Airport during my migration to Australia. That was a fun little romp, followed by The Golem, which was only spoiled by one annoying character.Now Ed sent me a copy of Brides of the Impaler after he heard I was a fan (we share the same agent in Germany). I'll be honest, if I was to pick another Ed Lee b [...]

    • Let me begin by saying that I read this book today, while very sick, so that my have tempered my ability to fully enjoy this book. Needless to say, I really didn't enjoy this book I have actually been struggling to read through it for 3 days, which is a record for me since I usually read about 300 pages a day and this is only a 330 page book. As far as I am concerned, this story commits the ultimate sin that a horror novel can commit, it's BORING.I would like to do a summary but it's hard since [...]

    • This special signed edition is limited to 1000 copies and is The eighth selection of Cemetery Dance's Book Club 3.0.I've read some of Edward Lee's stuff in the past and even though he can be considered sort of hard core, he still plays with pretty cool plots. In this one he goes all-old-school on Vlad the Impaler.You get a peek at 15th century Romania. Another trip to Romania in 1977 for an earthquake and an unearthing. The rest is set in modern New York, where Paul and Christina move into their [...]

    • This was a book that sounded like it had so much promise, a great opportunity to combine history and fantasy into a one-of-a-kind tale and it fell as flat as a pancake. The most detail you got out of the story was from the environment (it's in a major city so not much imagination needed there) and from the sex scenes/horniness of the characters. The MC is interesting (a collectible doll designer that has a flourish for macabre subject matter) but the complete 180 of her character that is describ [...]

    • While this was far from the best stuff I've read from Edward Lee, it was still an enjoyable little horror romp. Lee gives us a highly original, different take on the Dracula legend. In interviews, Lee has said that he wrote this novel partly as an homage to the 1970s Euro-Sleaze horror films of Jess Franco, Paul Naschy, etc. It works very well in that regard. I liked the clever nods to different horror film actors and directors, fellow authors and even one of my favorite bands, The Damned, who h [...]

    • I had a really hard time sticking with this book and therefore put it down several times in exchange for other books, but in the end really enjoyed this book. I think my struggles with this one had to do with there being so many different characters involved and so there were so many different storylines that were being jumped around from. As the story progressed I got more and more involved so that helped, but I still found myself struggling a little with remembering exactly who was who at time [...]

    • Sometimes I like Edward Lee, sometimes not so much. He's way more graphically gory than many horror/paranormal authors I typically read. However, this one had a pretty decent story line, and wove the various facets of the "criminal" investigation and the emerging supernatural elements, which were totally unaware of each other, then came together nicely. The depth of the lesser-known Vlad the Impaler (Dracula) legends was interesting. I did NOT like that the female characters' rampant sexuality u [...]

    • I thought the book was fairly good, although not the best I've read. I was under the impression that the book was going to be a lot more gory and have a lot more suspense to it than it really did, so I was relatively disappointed to find that it lacked in that area. However, the ending did most definitely offer up quite the twist that did make the book more interesting. I found that the book did jump around from character to character a bit much for my liking and it did seem to start off kind of [...]

    • Wow! Do you like vampires, crazed drugged slaves of vampires, blood, violence, death, and raunchy fuckin sex? Ohd impalements? Like those? Well, you're in fuckin luck. My first Edward Lee book and I'll be reading more. Also, if you like those 70s euro horror films with lots of naked women and the like then you'll love this. Not just an homage, it actually invokes the feel of those movies. Read the introduction. It's good and will hip you to done other your things you may or may not have heard of [...]

    • A completely mediocre novel with rather mediocre sex scenes and a predictable plot. The first Edward Lee novel I read (Flesh Gothic) was a edgy but interesting read. Since then, I have become increasingly disillusioned with each work I buy. This is no exception. At this point, both the violence and the sex in these books seem gratiuitious, leaving nothing but a moderate undercurrent of sacrilidge. Not worth the money even if you're bored: I picked this up at the PX on base, and I am now realisin [...]

    • Shock horror is the genre and Impalement is the most frightening aspect of this book. Yes there are references to Dracula, vamires and hell hounds and this is a highly sexual book. However, the author utilizes something far scarier than fangs, the fear of the homeless. Yes, dirty, diseased, homeless folk- ex-junkies are just as frightening as the poles they impale victims on, in their worship of evil. If you're not offended by vampiric nuns or ditzy rich folk. If you're not squemish, then you mi [...]

    • This was my first novel by Edward Lee, which may not have been the wisest of choices to make the aquaintance of that author.While the story did have its entertaining moments, I was neither captivated by the characters nor by the plot. I got the impression several extreme scenes were included just for the sake of them, but without helping the story along. Also, I thought the book was too long to keep the tension up.However, I will give the author another try with one of his higher rated books.

    • Not my favorite Edward Lee novel, but it's okay for a weekend read. The characters could have had more depth, the ending could have made more sense, and it was a little confusing at times not knowing which character you're reading about until a couple paragraphs into the chapter. Overall, I did like it, flaws and all. I wanted a fun, quick read and I got it. I like a gory horror story, definitely got that.

    • Extremely gritty and grim not at all a romanticized depiction of vampires. An entertaining read, but not for the "keeper" shelf not really even a book I'd recommend, but not anything I'd advise horror fans to stay away from, either. A unique and twisted spin on Vlad the Impaler and his uh legacy. As far as sex, violence and gore, this is one of Edward Lee's tamer books, but Christmas tree stands have never been so horrifying!

    • If you love Suspense, lust and violence you will love this book. Edward Lee truly has a trippy imagination. Don't let the cover of the book throw you off, this man is a horror genius! The setting goes between the 15th century and today and if you love stories about Vlad Dracula, you will love this book.

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