High Before Homeroom

High Before Homeroom Losers now you can get the bad boy rep the girls find positively irresistible Unleash your dark side with the Doug Schaffer plan for drug addiction and rehabilitation Kids don t try this at home At

  • Title: High Before Homeroom
  • Author: Maya Sloan
  • ISBN: 9781439171295
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Paperback
  • Losers, now you can get the bad boy rep the girls find positively irresistible Unleash your dark side with the Doug Schaffer plan for drug addiction and rehabilitation Kids, don t try this at home At sixteen years old, Doug Schaffer knows two things for sure 1 He is doomed to live in the shadow of his older brother, Trevor, a former high school football star who iLosers, now you can get the bad boy rep the girls find positively irresistible Unleash your dark side with the Doug Schaffer plan for drug addiction and rehabilitation Kids, don t try this at home At sixteen years old, Doug Schaffer knows two things for sure 1 He is doomed to live in the shadow of his older brother, Trevor, a former high school football star who is stationed in Iraq 2 Free spirited Laurilee, the hot ear piercing girl at the mall, only dates bad boys Cue Doug s foolproof plan to tarnish his own unremarkable reputation The first step is to develop a drug addiction His mom s too preoccupied with organizing care packages for Mothers Support Our Troops Northwest Oklahoma City Chapter to stop him Besides, he just needs to get hooked on meth long enough to come back from rehab a totally different person Someone people notice With the help of Trevor s strung out former high school buddy, drug addict Doug has the confidence that loser Doug never mustered He stays out all night, scores girls, and stands up for himself Then Trevor unexpectedly returns home with a dark secret of his own, and everything Doug thought was true is shattered Soon the brothers find a common ground they never knew they shared as they discover the price of pleasing others is the freedom to be yourself.

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    • Maya Sloan

      Maya Sloan grew up in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma She has an MFA in Creative Writing from Boston University, as well as a MFA in Fiction Writing from the University of Arkansas Her short story about Christian Rock Groupies will be featured in the 25th Anniversary Issue of Boulevard Maya was one of five writers granted a Kostova Foundation fellowship to attend the Sozopol Fiction Seminars in Bulgaria this summer Maya also received the Writers at Work Fiction Fellowship, Boston University s Inaugural Saul Bellow Literary Prize, a St Bolotoph Foundation Emerging Artists Grant, and taught as a Boston University Scholar under the direction of Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky While at University of Arkansas, Maya received a Walton Foundation Creative Writing Fellowship, a Lilly Peter Fiction Prize, a Bill Harrison Best Thesis Award, and two nominations for Best New American Voice She has had stories in Passages North and Driftwood, and been granted residencies from the Vermont Studio Center and Byrdcliffe Artists Colony Currently, Maya is an adjunct professor in literature and film at Berkeley College in Newark, New Jersey.

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    • This book was a hilariously fun and genuine read--while some readers have complained about language and sexual/drug references, I assert that, without them, how would Sloan effectively convey the teenage male perspective? Also, I invite those readers to READ THE BACK MATTER before opening the book. Summaries tell us a lot, people. My qualms with the book: Having grown up and remained in Oklahoma City all of my life (except for the five years getting my undergraduate degree), the local name-dropp [...]

    • This darkly comic tale is about a 16-year old "loser" who decides he wants to become a meth addict to win the heart of his hot but jaded mall colleague who only dates bad boys. Other advantageous side effects potentially include Doug's mom paying attention to him for a change, instead of obsessing over care packages to send to his golden boy brother Trevor, whom Doug can never quite measure up to, currently serving in Iraq; raised social standing at school, and even an improved physique from wor [...]

    • This is the story of the 16 year old, Doug, whose teenage hormones are running wild. He lusts after Laurilee, and feels that the only way he can get her is if there is something "different" about him. So he plots to become addicted to drugs to gain her attention. The b-line for this story is the fact that Doug is living in the shadow of his legendary older brother, who is a hero to his family and community, which causes a lot of conflict for the character. I thought the plot was interesting and [...]

    • Last night I would have rated this a 4, but as I thought more, I stepped back. There are flaws that leave me somewhat unsatisfied. Ultimately this book shows two brothers coming to terms with their lives and their relationship. And I really like that. Along the way, too many 2-dimensional characters, almost stereotypes, dampen my enthusiasm for the book. I've called this YA, but I'm going to have to be really careful about recommending it. Sloan has given Doug sexual fantasies in overdrive. Neve [...]

    • I tried to finish this book. I got to about page 180 and just couldn't do it anymore. When I needed to get to sleep, I would start reading and it sure enough put me to sleep.

    • Всеки е чел поне една young- adult книга. Въпреки, че във всяка книга има нещо различно, те са обединени и от нещо общо. Бях в такова настроение, че ми се четеше нещо земно. Някаква история за обикновени хора като мен, в която не се набляга на нещата които се случват с тях, а на техния [...]

    • Compelling book that made me stay up WAY past my bedtime to finish. But part of that was the riveting attraction of watching a train wreck. Doug Schaffer thinks he's invisible and living in the shadow of his football hero older brother Trevor. Doug hatches a plan to make his mark, get his dream girl and show everyone once and for all that he is special and unique. Problem is, that plan calls for him to become a meth addict.Shocking? Yes. Are there pretty clear instructions to the various effecti [...]

    • Reviewed by Angie Fisher for TeensReadTooDoug Schaffer is a sixteen-year-old self-proclaimed loser, although no one notices him enough to care.When he falls for a girl at the mall he works at, he realizes the only way she'll ever pay attention to him is if he becomes a "bad boy." His plan? Become a meth addict, complete with the drama of rehab and returning with a reputation. What wasn't in his plan was the return of his formerly perfect brother, who was injured in Iraq and formed his own addict [...]

    • It is hard to read a book that contains composites of people you knew and places you grew up with an open mind. So when I started reading High Before Homeroom, it was with more than a little trepidation. Ms. Sloan and I were high school classmates and this novel borrows heavily on the cast of characters we knew back then.Because of this, it took me a long time to "accept" the characters as individuals on their own and to stop attempting to map them over real people I once knew. Once I overcame t [...]

    • Книгата заслужава 4 звездички, но смъквам една заради българското издание. Нещо просто не е наред с него. А книгата си има всичко - редактор, коректор, че и отговорен редактор. И все пак някъде по веригата нещо не е сработило както трябва. Защото е грапава. И това го виждам аз к [...]

    • I kept thinking "Come ON, get on with the drugs!" and it wasn't until the final chapter I realized, it wasn't about the drugs. By that point I was enthralled with Doug, who reminded me of myself at that age, minus the penis & boy thoughts, of course. Struggling to find our place in a world carved out by others, who are struggling too, Doug & I both got on with it.

    • Fast paced and easy to read. Far fetched in some ways but in general a very real and honest look into themes of identity, the freedom to construct your own identity and being noticed.Voices of male characters are very convincing, even more impressive that they were created by a female author. Not worthy of a second read but all at once a fun and serious read.

    • A darkly hilarious tale about losers and winners, a fun journey, a voice that still echoes in my heart. Pitch perfect American debut occupying a strange place between Breaking Bad and The Catcher in the Rye.Side note: I loved the novel, but I couldn't care less about the title, which DOES NOT capture the spirit of the story.

    • This book was interesting. It has language and lots of references to a certain boy's body part, but all in all a good read. This could cross over into the teen market, but I hesitate only because of the language used.

    • Sloan has done a great job of crafting a believable male character who not only has faults as any other teenager, but also has a heart. Insightful from page one, this is a novel I would recommend to any teenager contemplating the attractiveness of drugs.

    • "Disappointed mother is the worst sound in the world." TRUE.This book made me kinda depressed at times. You can't deny the raw emotion though.

    • Set in Oklahoma City in the mid-90's, a teen employed at Penn Square Mall tries meth to impress a goth girl. A great read with a fresh literary spin on Oklahoma life.

    • This book was fantastic! I really enjoyed reading it and tore through it in 2 nights. The story is raw and real and leaves you wanting more.

    • predictable and annoying at times - horrifying and bizarre at other times. wouldn't recommend for a younger person because of the themes however to immature for someone my age.

    • Absolutely adored everything about this book. Such vibrant, vivid characters. Maya is a sharp wit, and this book was extremely difficult to put down. A must read from a criminally underrated author.

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