Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers Another page turning story of tragedy and triumph from the No bestselling author of The Loner and The Journey Alice Jacobs has finally found the family she always wanted With her shy smile and kind

  • Title: Blood Brothers
  • Author: Josephine Cox
  • ISBN: 9780007301423
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Another page turning story of tragedy and triumph from the No.1 bestselling author of The Loner and The Journey.Alice Jacobs has finally found the family she always wanted With her shy smile and kind nature, Alice wins the hearts of the Arnold family A decent and well respected couple,Tom and Nancy Arnold have raised two very different sons, Frank and Joe.Frank is a devioAnother page turning story of tragedy and triumph from the No.1 bestselling author of The Loner and The Journey.Alice Jacobs has finally found the family she always wanted With her shy smile and kind nature, Alice wins the hearts of the Arnold family A decent and well respected couple,Tom and Nancy Arnold have raised two very different sons, Frank and Joe.Frank is a devious, brutal man Seeing Alice as the key to his fortune, he is determined to have her for himself However, his younger brother Joe has fallen in love with Alice, so when she and Frank become engaged to marry, Joe leaves home, determined to put a distance between himself and temptation He reluctantly returns when Frank summons him to be his best man.Alice finds herself inexplicably drawn to Joe, but feeling it to be her duty, she goes ahead and marries Frank, not wishing to hurt him On their wedding night Frank shows his true colours and when he forces Alice to reveal a devastating secret, and his evil nature reaps a shocking revenge.In his blind hatred, intent on punishing those who have crossed him, Frank plans the final, ultimate retribution An act that could tear apart not only the Arnold family, but shatter the lives of those around them forever Unless someone can stop him

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      481 Josephine Cox
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    About “Josephine Cox

    • Josephine Cox

      Josephine Cox was born in Blackburn, one of ten children At the age of sixteen, Josephine met and married her husband Ken, and had two sons When the boys started school, she decided to go to college and eventually gained a place at university but was unable to take this up as it would have meant living away from home Instead, she went into teaching and started to write her first full length novel She won the Superwoman of Great Britain Award, for which her family had secretly entered her, at the same time as her novel was accepted for publication She is now a No.1 bestselling author with over 40 books to her name.

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    • It’s been a long time since I read a novel that actually made me angry. I’m not talking about the kind of anger that comes from a novel skillfully written which conjures genuine emotions. I’m talking about a different kind of anger that is self-imposed because I could kick myself for investing this much time on Blood Brothers.I’m hard-pressed to find something positive to write. Right from the beginning, Ms. Cox made Alice so annoying perfect. She’s pretty and kind and free spirited en [...]

    • I had seen Josephine Cox books around for years, but had, for some unknown reason, avoided them. Now that I have read this one, I know that my instincts had been not only correct, but in overdrive. How to describe this book? Interestingly, the plot and premise were quite strong, but what let this book down was the cheesy, schmaltzy writing style, especially in the descriptions of the characters, which, despite Ms Cox' best efforts, she still managed to render them as unrelentingly one dimensiona [...]

    • Review Posted on Reading Lark 8/12/11: readinglark/2011/Blood Brothers is a modernized Cain and Able tale in which two brothers in 1950's England are vying for the attention of the same woman, the young and beautiful Alice Jacobs. Written in haunting prose, Blood Brothers seeped into my veins creating a chill that I couldn't shake. The story lived within my head even when the book was not open and I couldn't help but experience the terror along with Alice.Josephine Cox takes the old story of a f [...]

    • This is one of the worst books I've ever read. Full of clichés, with characters who make the most ridiculous decisions and who, presumably for plot development, talk aloud to themselves, to sleeping partners and, in one instance, to a wounded falcon! The main characters are caricatures: the Good Brother, the Bad Brother, the Innocent Woman Who Loves Them Both, the Cruel Mother - to name but a few. When the author can't think of a way to move the plot along she just informs us that the character [...]

    • Joe left his family home a year ago, when his brother brought home a girl called Alice. Joe has instantly fallen for her and now a year later will be his brother Franks best man. As soon as he sees Alice again he knows his feelings for her have not gone! Spending more time together they confess feelings for each other and spend the night in the barn together. Alice decides to still marry Frank. After the wedding celebrations are over and her and Frank are alone, things go from bad to worse as Fr [...]

    • I couldn't read this book. I lasted two chapters! Josephine Cox breaks so many "rules" of writing, it distracted me. Head-hopping all over the place, endlessly repeating the same information about the characters' motivations and feelings (was that in case the reader is too dumb to understand it the first time, or is that just a convention of Romance writing?). I got bored very quickly. You could see from Chapter 1 where it would go, and it didn't seem worth ploughing through such a long book whe [...]

    • My husband uncharacteristically got me this book (he normally moans I have too many and doesn't like to add to the collections!). We had been to see Blood Brothers in London (which is a fantastic show by the way) so I think he picked this up thinking that it had something to do with the show. How wrong could he be! This story is so predictable and I did not really take to any of the characters, especially Alice. And was it me or did the characters talk to themselves quite a lot? Not the story fo [...]

    • After it warmed up I was hooked. I didn't feel Alice really loved Frank from the beginning, so the impending marriage wasn't too credible, especially when we quickly find out Frank is a psycho who enjoys killing animals and she has feelings for Joe. I don't normally read romance, but this was a mix of romance and thriller. The intricate plot and pace kept me intrigued. At times brutal, at others homely depictions of a farming life up North. Four stars for being an easy, entertaining read.

    • I quite enjoyed this book. Obviously, it was not 100 per cent believable, but I was quite willing to suspend my disbelief in order to enjoy the novel. Note - I "read" the audio book version and the audio was very well done. The only real fault I found with the novel was that I felt the author "wrapped up" the story way too quickly at the end.

    • Really enjoyed this book, & found it very hard to put down.I've read a few novels by Josephine Cox, & find I always thoroughly enjoy them. I find her writing style easy to read, & the stories & characters she creates are always believable. It's easy to get emotionally involved when it comes to her books.

    • I always like to read a Josephine Cox book, when I want an easy to read, safe, story, that i know I will get into quickly, and I don't have to think much. This had the same thing as a lot of her books, the good brother Vs Bad brother element, quite unbelievably extreme in places. For me this was not one of her better books.

    • I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I didn't know what to expect but it kept me entertained. Funnily enough, the last book I read was also set in the 1950's but I think that this author did a much better job with the story. Definately worth a read.

    • I enjoyed this novel very much one of Josephines better books. Alice & Joe,s love for one another a forbidden love,her fiance is his brother, she then marries him but truth will out & revenge takes place.

    • I haven't read a Josephine Cox book for several years.As usual the story is fairly predictable - good girl meets bad boy with disastrous consequences - but this one has a couple of unexpected twists.I enjoyed this light and easy read, and will look out for more of her books.

    • that's a good book for me, one I cannot put down. I did sympathise a little with Alice. One thing I didn't like is that in the beginning I found it really dragging and I was about to stop reading many times but then the story picked a pace and I could not put the book down.

    • I read over half way through this book and towards the end it just got aggressive, they had just got married and starting fighting and I did not really get what was happening I would not recommend this book!

    • An exciting page turning tale set in the fifties of Alice Jacobs and her disastrous marriage to Frank Arnold. Alice is in love with Frank's brother Joe and when both give in to their feelings just before the wedding things take a disastrous turn leading to murder and heartbreak.

    • It started out welld then went downhill rather rapidly. It's not often that I do not finish a bookI didn't even get half way through this one

    • Not what I thought it was going to be like. The blurb on the back cover does not give you an indication of whats really goes on inside.

    • this book was a nice book that I felt was a creative and beautiful book, it didn't start of too well but it improved throughout the book and was a incredible read for me.

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