Mud An ode to muddy hands and feet brown earth and new grass Simple text and exuberant illustrations will make children and their grown up friends want to sink their feet into gooey gloppy mucky magn

  • Title: Mud
  • Author: Mary Lyn Ray Lauren Stringer
  • ISBN: 9780152024611
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Paperback
  • An ode to muddy hands and feet, brown earth, and new grass Simple text and exuberant illustrations will make children and their grown up friends want to sink their feet into gooey, gloppy, mucky, magnificent mud.

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      287 Mary Lyn Ray Lauren Stringer
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    About “Mary Lyn Ray Lauren Stringer

    • Mary Lyn Ray Lauren Stringer

      Mary Lyn Ray is a conservationist and author of several picture books for children She was born in Louisiana in 1946 and grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas Ray has lived in New England since 1964, when she first came east to attend college She currently lives in a 150 year old farmhouse in South Danbury, New Hampshire, which she restored herself.

    476 thoughts on “Mud

    • This book is very mysterious to a baby born in North Carolina who has barely worn pants but is very gorgeous and fun.

    • I really wanted to like this book, but the illustrations were done from angle that made the storyline harder to follow.

    • Mud is about a little boy watching the changes of the seasons, from winter to spring. The story begins with the ground frozen, and then eventually turns into the mud in correlation with the changing of the seasons. This book was extremely cute, and fun to read. As a kid, I can remember how excited I would get when spring finally arrived, and the flowers began to bloom. This book is a very low reading level, and would be used in the lower grades, like kindergarten. Teachers can use this book in a [...]

    • This is a ok picture book for fun. I thought there would be more about Mud, per say. (Worms, Rain, Splashing, Mud Pies, Playing) None of thatMud, started out talking about the snow melting, the ground smelling like trees and thawing earth. Then went on to feet in the mud, green grass growing, then feet in the grass. I liked the illustrations in the book, however, the grass in some spots looked like the outer ring of a Venus fly trap plant. Also I know that its mud we are reading about, however, [...]

    • Get dressed in old clothes before you read this one to a child, because you'll immediately want to go outside and play together in the mud afterwards. One of my all-time favorite picture books, 'Mud' has a simple, lovely, reverent text and lush illustrations that immerse the reader in the gorgeous transition from Winter to Spring, when "Winter will squish, squck, sop, splat, slurp, melt in mud." More lyric poem than story, read this when kids are not in a riled-up, want-exciting-or-funny books m [...]

    • MUD is one of those books that I look forward to seeing every year. It is like an old friend that greets me from the shelf as the weather starts to warm and our world begins to flow with color and warmth. Mary Lyn Ray's carefully chosen words capture the moment when the winter ends and "Squish Squck Sop Splat Slurp melt into mud." The brief text is perfect for a younger audience, yet she challenges them with delicious language. Lauren Stringer's illustrations capture the delights of squishing yo [...]

    • I introduce this book in lap time with a tongue in cheek introduction for the parents saying now a book about everyone's favorite thing about spring Well, I guess it was one child's favorite because a parent begged to check it out. 3/21/12Used in PJ, had one toddler and mother show up and the next day in Lap Time. 3/19/13Used again for lap time. 4/1/14Used again in Lap Time. 3/26/15Used in PJ and Lap Time (Got giggles in Lap Time)

    • Mud is a book about a child exepiences of the changes in season from winter into spring.The child explores the earth using the senses of sight, smell, and touch.The idea of playing in the mud with colorful illustrations allow children to share in the joy of watching how the earth changes after winter.

    • There are not many mud books available. This one works. The story goes from a white Winter to a green Spring. I was focusing on rainy Spring weather and in the rain you get mud. So it worked. It's a very popular book to checkout from the library, so I decided to give it a go at storytime.2015 Storytime Theme: Rainy WeatherReviewed from a library copy.

    • The book was simple and clear, easy for young readers to grasp and follow. There was some good, poetic language that pulled it up from just a boring kid's book to a solid one, but not one that I would want to read over and over.

    • It reminds me of spring in Minnesota. The first few pictures took me a bit to decipher, trying to figure out what they were about. But as the book went on, it was easier for me to understand what was going on. I like all the alliteration and onomatopoeia!

    • I wasnt that big of a fan of this book. I know it was talking about mud but i kind of felt confused as the book went on. I could use this book when talking about the weather and how when water and dirt is mixed it creates mud

    • I loev the illustrations in this book! They are bright and huge. This book is about spring time and the rain that causes mud. A good book for children to enjoy and reflect on her experineces or use their imagination.

    • The first half of this book has kind of an adultish, poetryish feel to it; not something I would expect a little boy to get excited about. The last half is more down to mud. Perhaps this is intended to appeal to mom and child. It didn't really work for me.

    • My boys LOVE this book. We currently read it everyngle. It goes along with our Spring theme. Afterwards we always discuss how in the Spring we will play in the mud, squish the mud, dig in the mud, etc. BOYS LOVE MUD! :)

    • Good intro to Spring story times, Mud has grand, sweeping pictures and very simple text, good for toddlers and also for Alzheimer's patients, because the typeface is very large and bold. Add a clay activity, and you're set!

    • Boys normally love this book. Its about the coming of spring and the mucky mess that spring leaves behing-MUD!

    • Notes:would rather have my kids play in mud than read about itactually about season changes, not just mud-playdisappointing

    • Some effective language use and some brilliant illustrations, but there's not really much to this book.

    • I love this book and the art! It is a little to lyrical for some kids during story time, but they love talking about playing in mud.

    • Great book to read on the first day of spring when you are trying to brush off the winter blues. Terrific bright illustrations.

    • An ode to mud. With the spring thaw comes mud and all the wonderful things one can do with and to it!Abstract, a bit uninteresting illustrations.

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