Poker Face: The Rise and Rise of Lady Gaga

Poker Face The Rise and Rise of Lady Gaga Stop feeding me bullshit Tell me the truth Lady Gaga I hate the truth I hate the truth so much I prefer a giant dose of bullshit any day over the truth Lady Gaga In little over a year Ste

  • Title: Poker Face: The Rise and Rise of Lady Gaga
  • Author: Maureen Callahan
  • ISBN: 9781401324094
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Stop feeding me bullshit Tell me the truth Lady Gaga, 2009 I hate the truth I hate the truth so much I prefer a giant dose of bullshit any day over the truth Lady Gaga, 2010 In little over a year, Stefani Germanotta, a struggling performer in New York s Lower East Side burlesque scene, has become the global demographic smashing pop icon known as Lady Gaga She is Stop feeding me bullshit Tell me the truth Lady Gaga, 2009 I hate the truth I hate the truth so much I prefer a giant dose of bullshit any day over the truth Lady Gaga, 2010 In little over a year, Stefani Germanotta, a struggling performer in New York s Lower East Side burlesque scene, has become the global demographic smashing pop icon known as Lady Gaga She is a once in a decade artist, a gifted singer, composer, designer, and performance artist who mixes high and low culture, the avant garde with the accessible, authenticity with artifice Who is Lady Gaga She is a twenty four year old woman whose stage mantra I m a free bitch is the polar opposite of who she is offstage isolated, insecure, and unable to be alone She is an outr artist who wanted to be a sensitive singer songwriter, whose musical heroes include Britney Spears, Billy Joel, and Bruce Springsteen She is a woman who says no man can ever compete with her career, but who still isn t over the ex boyfriend who said she was too ambitious She claims not to care what people think, but spends her downtime online, reading what people have to say about her She claims to be a con artist and utterly authentic She is never less than compelling Based on over fifty original interviews with friends, employees, rivals, and music industry veterans, Poker Face is the first in depth biography of the extraordinary cultural phenomenon that is Lady Gaga Quotes from Poker Face It s a privilege to be here tonight to open for Lady Gaga I ve made it President Barack Obama, October 2009 I remember thinking, That could be her But I hope it s not Producer Rob Fusari Her crazy outfit was putting suspenders on her jeans former classmate She is perfectly, almost genetically engineered to be a twenty first century pop star Eric Garland, CEO, BigChampagne If you looked at her, you d think she was a jam band chick She had a heady, grimy vibe former NYU classmate Jon Sheldrick She s not progressive, but she s a good mimic She sounds like me than I f ing do Singer rapper M.I.A You won t be able to order a cup of coffee at the f ing deli without hearing or seeing me Lady Gaga to an ex boyfriend, 2008

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      Maureen Callahan Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Poker Face: The Rise and Rise of Lady Gaga book, this is one of the most wanted Maureen Callahan author readers around the world.

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    • Es una biografía que abarca a Gaga desde sus inicios en 2006 hasta principios de The fame monster en 2010. Le encuentro mas puntos malos que buenos: nombres y luegares muy abundantes, datos erroneos, errores de impresión o edición en las últimas páginas. Lo Mejor: Me enteré de detalles que no conocía. Lo Peor: El desfile infinito de personas y lugares de poca relevancia.

    • In the end, she becomes one of the biggest, most influential celebrities the world has ever seen. Oops, did I spoil it for you? :PThis book was one of the best biographies I've read on Lady GaGa. Granted, I haven't read that many. But, this was definitely the most interesting. And that is so because Maureen Callahan actually interviewed many people (many of them refused to be named) that were involved in some way in GaGa's life. Old friends of hers from school, people that used to bar hop with h [...]

    • This quick read was a pretty interesting look at Lady Gaga and how she came to the fame that she is currently experiencing. The book starts with a look at her younger years (as Stefani Germanotta), when she started life off in a well-to-do family, attending an expensive private school in New York City, and loving her music. From their, the book takes the reader through the timeline that covered her evolution into Lady Gaga, a stage persona, through hard work and dedication.While Gaga was lucky e [...]

    • Being an unapologetic fan of Lady Gaga, I'm desperate to find a great biography of her. This book wasn't it, but by the end I had learned more about Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, a woman who was obviously flawed but wanted something enough to fight for it.If the reader is interested in really digging into the life of Gaga, trying to understand her motivations, reconcile her humanity while balancing her public persona, and understand what exactly is her cultural relevance to the times she i [...]

    • I think this book is an interesting read for most anyone who is a fan of Lady Gaga or finds her remotely interesting.  Many will feel the tone of book is negative toward its subject; however, I walked away from the book feeling very positive. There some factual inaccuracy's leading one to wonder what other mistakes are in the book.  All and all, It seems the overwhelming theme of the book is how hard Lady Gaga has worked for this moment.

    • I don't like how this book jumped around, it should have went in order chronologically. Also I have no idea how reputable this book is or what to believe. I found some errors in it.

    • This book was written in 2o10, only a year Gaga has been big, so right away I was skeptical about how much information was going to be in here. I'm a hardcore Lady Gaga fan, owning all her albums and listening to her music almost every day.Poker Face was really disappointing, as Callahan was sloppy with her writing, making it hard to follow along.In all, I believe that she could have done a way better job and maybe waited to write this book, so she could write about her other successful albums, [...]

    • You know you’ve made it as a pop star when the books start coming out. After all, demand begats new titles and after her explosive rise to the top of the pop charts, Ms. Gaga was well ripe for one. (well at least three now, actually.)There is no room for margin in estimating Gaga’s ambition, from a yearbook dream of performing at Madison Square Garden to her vow to overtake the music world “one sequin at a time,” New York Post reporter, Maureen Callahan chronicles the life, dreams and am [...]

    • While I wouldn't consider myself one of Gaga's "Little Monsters", I do find her work intriguing a I-would-love-to-write-an-art-history-paper-about-her sort of way. That is, in a critical sensee is really interesting to pick apart as a living piece of art, a true spectacle.That said, her formation as an artist and the creation of Lady Gaga is a bit disappointing at best. Ultimately it seems that her success--the part of it that she personally has had control over--is due to her unrelenting drive [...]

    • How a slum goddess from the Lower East Side became a heavyweight global pop icon monster. Actually, she wasn’t a slum goddess from the Lower East Side (title of an old tune by The Fugs), she just lived there. I saw this on my online library and I’m a fan, so I decided to read it. It was written by Maureen Callahan, editor and writer for the New York Post. I thought it was enlightening. This book covers the beginning of Lady Gaga's career and it sounds like she worked very hard at it. She app [...]

    • 37% read before I finally threw in the towel. I don't mind an unbiased biography that doesn't soft coat the flaws/faults but the author's not as unbiased as you're supposed to believe. Biggest clue: After acknowledging that all artists are usually inspired by others, Maureen goes on to say ad nauseum, that Lady Gaga stole stole and stole again from everyone. Given how easily it is to take facts and spin different stories on them by ascribing things that can't be known (Lady Gaga's actual intenti [...]

    • I used to follow the record industry fairly closely, and I'm quite fascinated with the 360 contract that Gaga signed. I hoped this would provide some insight into that contract, and what her meteoric success would mean to the record industry as a whole. Instead, this book is largely biography, a lot of "she said some stuff but she lied and she's really just a rich smart kid who created an image to make money and be famous and stuff" and a lot of name soup that I wasn't particularly interested in [...]

    • This was one of the worst biographies I've ever read. The author is so negative and derogatory. If you don't like the subject, don't write the book. I'm not even sure this should be called a biography. The majority of the book is quotes from people who met her once, along with other unnamed sources. It's more like a bunch of random events that happen out of order, interspersed with what these people thought of her. Not only that, several times the author wrote about things that may or may not ha [...]

    • Being an avid fan of Lady Gaga and loving to read what different people have to say about her, I picked up Maureen Callahan's book with every intention of going in with an open mind. I don't take criticism personally unless it is personal, but this biography was very biased, almost negative towards Lady Gaga. The facts were not always correct, either. I wrote a letter to the author, a letter to the editor, and a letter to the publishing company laying out some of the errors with the book's facts [...]

    • I really enjoyed reading this. I've read some reviews saying that it's unfair to Gaga, but I really cannot see that. The author does spend quite a bit of time showing instances of where Gaga has exaggerated facts or outright lied, but she also shows instances where other people have exaggerated or lied to make Gaga look bad. And let's be honest -- we knew all along that Gaga was making some things up.Although it's not particularly insightful into Gaga's music (and probably would have been more i [...]

    • This biography of Gaga is readable and appears to shed light on the megastar's rise to fame. The numerous quotes from unnamed sources seem a bit sketchy though. Gaga comes off as being extremely driven. No surprise there, but I appreciate success earned through hard work. Overall this account of Gaga's story seems reasonably even handed: self described fans or "little monsters" criticized this book for being overly negative, while I felt the author at times came off as fawning, so in reality the [...]

    • Dear Lady Gaga- I am sorry I have been cheating on you and all of your awesomeness. I don't know why I would be surprised that your book, much like your music, elevates my mood and confidence with your acceptance and belief on all of your fans? How do you do that? Even though sometimes I thought the author was making some jabs at you it felt like eventually you have won everyone over. Rock on, Mother Monster!

    • Another book bought at the $2 Rotary book sale. I’m not a huge fan of Lady Gaga but this was actually a really interesting read. I’m not sure how much I believe, as everyone always has a bias in these sorts of stories, but I learnt a lot from it, and even if there is an element of manufacturing to Gaga’s persona, its evident that she certainly has a handle on how to market herself. A short sharp read that I would definitely recommend to any fans or music lovers alike.

    • I'm a huge Gaga fan and I was extremely impressed with the intimacy this biography reported on her. Callahan is a skilled interviewer and can mould her interviews into an extremly engaging book.It is a must read for little monsters as it tells us who she was before she was Gaga and the staggering changes and sacrifices she has made just to make music. We are very lucky to have such a dedicated and talented singer/songwriter in our midst. Paws up!

    • I picked up this book because I'm actually a Lady Gaga fan, and spotted the cover staring at me every time I wandered through the book section at Target.This is not ordinarily the kind of book I think I'd like to read, and wow, I sure should have stayed with the thought. This book was really nothing more than a list of names. There was no storyline here, no arc of growth, no insight. I'm really not sure why I even stayed with it.1 of 5 stars.

    • A nice book about Lady Gaga, but I'd hope for a bit more chronological aspect. I could read a chapter starting with the words "that year there was" and had to go back several pages to check what was the year that was in question. A discography would be nice. I find Lester's book slightly better, but this one as any Gaga book is a must for a fan! ;)

    • Een biografie moet waarheidsgetrouw zijn, in mijn ogen. Tochwaren er in deze biografie feiten die achterhaald zijn, incorrect of soms zelfs gewoon uit de lucht gegrepen Jammer, want verder heeft het een vlotte schrijfstijl, afwisseling tussen quotes en feiten, veel verschillende mensen komen er in vooreaal voor een biografie, met uitzondering het eerste punt.

    • This was "ok", i say this because it was other people telling stories about Lady Gaga and explaining how Gaga told one story, but 2 other people saw the story differently. Some of the stories are interesting thoughIt's almost like she should write a book to explain if the stories other people tell about her are true or not in this book? Wish it was more of her telling her story

    • Erg interessant voor mensen die het leuk vinden om te weten hoe Lady Gaga beroemd is geworden. Ook een aanrader voor de Lady Gaga fans. Had zelf nooit gedacht dat ze er zoveel werk voor gedaan heeft.

    • The author seemed to be a bit skeptic on Gaga's rise to fame. The interviews were interesting and it was neat to read about Lada Gaga behind the scenes. I look forward to seeing her career continue to develop.

    • I liked this book, the only problem is that it jumps around and there is a lot of false information. It seems like the book was more written by the people who hate GaGa. I loved the pictures in the middle though. Overall, it was a good book, great for any little monster.

    • Take this book (as any other unauthorized biography) with a pinch of salt. Filled with "reliable anonymous sources" - it's written to contradict itself on many topics. The cherry on top is the lovely typos and the numeroud factual errors. Nothing new under the sun, so to speak.

    • There were a lot of facts; Lady Gaga pioneered the modern music industry with her charisma, social media persona and unconventional tactics. Unfortunately, the book was poorly written and this slightly detracted from its value.

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