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It's Our Garden: From Seeds to Harvest in a School Garden
Title : It's Our Garden: From Seeds to Harvest in a School Garden
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ISBN : 9780763653927
Language : English
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 48

Want to grow what you eat and eat what you grow? Visit this lively, flourishing school-andcommunity garden and be inspired to cultivate your own.At an elementary school in Santa Fe, the bell rings for recess and kids fly out the door to check what’s happening in their garden. As the seasons turn, everyone has a part to play in making the garden flourish. From choosing andWant to grow what you eat and eat what you grow? Visit this lively, flourishing school-andcommunity garden and be inspired to cultivate your own.At an elementary school in Santa Fe, the bell rings for recess and kids fly out the door to check what’s happening in their garden. As the seasons turn, everyone has a part to play in making the garden flourish. From choosing and planting seeds in the spring to releasing butterflies in the summer to harvesting in the fall to protecting the beds for the winter. Even the wiggling worms have a job to do in the compost pile! On special afternoons and weekends, neighborhood folks gather to help out and savor the bounty (fresh toppings for homemade pizza, anyone?). Part celebration, part simple how-to, this close-up look at a vibrant garden and its enthusiastic gardeners is blooming with photos that will have readers ready to roll up their sleeves and dig in.

It's Our Garden: From Seeds to Harvest in a School Garden Reviews

  • Carolynne

    This handsome photo-essay by George Ancona would be perfect for a classroom planning to develop their own communal garden. There is enough information that many classes could follow the directions and hope for a successful result--especially if they are located in the Southwest, since this book was photographed in New Mexico. No author's note, unfortunately, but ther is a list of recommended books, including Max's Magic Seeds by Geraldine Elschner, and A Fruit Is a Suitcase for Seeds by Jean Ric [...]

  • Beth

    I wish all schools had gardens. Talk about real-world lessons -- and not just about science, but about community building and working together for the common good.

  • Roberta Gibson

    It's Our Garden: From Seeds to Harvest in a School Gardenby George Ancona is a warm and delightful picture book about a school garden at the Acequia Madre elementary school in Santa Fe. Ancona provides both color photographs and samples of the children's art work to document the changes that occur with the seasons.You will be amazed by this school garden. Besides the vegetable and herb plots, there is a greenhouse, an outdoor classroom, a compost heap, and a cistern to collect water from the sch [...]

  • Jennifer Vondra

    Twin TextGrigsby, S. (2010). In the Garden with Dr. Carver. Park Ridge, IL: Whitman and Company.RationaleThis non-fiction text was an easy pick due to a connection to our school. Some of our kindergarten classes have their own garden. They start the plants inside and then move them outside. I chose the fictional text because, being about Dr. Carver, it appears to be a non-fiction. I wanted to be sure that students learned not to just assume they know the genre of a book because of the title or c [...]

  • Jennie Smith

    I appreciated this book one a few levels one as a new gardener, one as a mother, and yet another as a teacher. In this book we learned about an elementary school in Santa Fe where the children run outside not to play, but to work in the school's garden! We learned a variety of gardening techniques (such as the traditional Native American way to garden- the three sisters garden), but we learned more than that. We were able to see how not just the students took part in this garden and its maintena [...]

  • Crystal

    Last year I read this review nonfictiondetectives/2 on the blog The Nonfiction Detectives. From their review I believed that this would be an excellent book for our school since we have a school garden also. I immediately purchased it, but didn't get around to reading it until this week. It's Our Garden combines simple yet informative text with fantastic photos and crayon illustrations created by the students. It is a gorgeous book that demonstrates the work, benefits and excitement of having a [...]

  • San Diego Book Review

    Reviewed by Holly Scudero for San Diego Book ReviewIn Santa Fe, New Mexico, Acequia Madre Elementary School has a garden that everyone helps cultivate. With the help of teachers, parents, and a few volunteers, kids at the school get to spend part of their day learning how to make food grow. There is always so much to do! In spring, the students look through seed catalogs and figure out what to plant. They build a compost pile. They arrange the garden beds and plant seeds. They tend the plants. T [...]

  • Barbara

    This photo essay about a community garden started by a third-grade teacher in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is likely to provide a blueprint for other teachers and schools who would like to start their own community garden. The book follows the nurturing of seeds that are then planted in the spring and then the care required by the garden until it is ready to yield produce. Even after everything has been harvested, there is still work to be done, and the children must prepare the garden for winter and t [...]

  • Gina

    It's Our Garden is a book about a school garden that the students help to build. It shows the different pictures of the plants that they are planting, the discussion about the garden with the students, and what they do with the plants. This book helps to produce an understanding about the work that goes into making a garden. The close up pictures that show what the seeds and plants look like help to show the reader the look and size the seeds. This book helps to put into perspective what is in g [...]

  • Zacaro Caro

    This book is really good, in an inspiring sort of way, not just a kids book, but would also be great for a school library, and gardening communities. I was intending to read this book to my children to encourage them to get excited about gardening. It's March in Cleveland and we have 12" of snow in the forecast for the weekend I have sprig fever. We are planning our garden, but after reading this book and answering the questions of my 4 year old I wanted to get more serious about living simply a [...]

  • Jen

    Fantastic nonfiction to share - will inspire students to tend, expand, or start their school's garden! Ancona searched for just the right school garden to feature and found one that exemplifies the multimodal learning of an outdoor classroom. His beautiful photos depict the diverse plants and equally diverse children learning from teachers and nature. Their drawings, signs, writing, and diagrams add visual interest - and demonstrate "rigor." Anyone looking to start a garden in their school shoul [...]

  • Karen Arendt

    This is an excellent book for plant cycles and seeds in an elementary school. The book follows through photographs and words a school garden created in New Mexico. The students plant, care for, harvest and prepare fThe garden for winter. Students will enjoy seeing children their own age growing plants. The book also mentions the use of butterflies and the Native American tradition of planting the three sisters plants.

  • Tim Johnson

    This book lays out exactly what I hope to build our own small library garden into. They grow plants, release butterflies, feed the birds, make adobe bricks, and soooooo much more. Patience has never been my strong suit but if I can grow one crop to start with I will consider that a victory. If you are planning a similar activity this book is written in a simple enough fashion to be a good introduction for the kids.

  • Mary Norell Hedenstrom

    Great ideas for:- how to plan a garden- how to staff a school garden- worm composting and school lunch composting- adobe bricks to help keep water in - how to grow tomatoes- how to build an adobe oven in your garden- music in the garden- 3 sisters gardenAcequia Madre Elementary in Santa Fe, NM

  • Angela

    The best introduction to a school garden in action can be found in these real-life pictures and pared down text. Recommended for educators interested in pursuing the joys of a school garden and as a tool to convince the administration that this is a good idea. The book explores the many activities and social lessons that can be drawn from the experience.

  • Mary Ann

    Colorful photographs and clear texts chronicles a year in the life of an elementary school garden in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Students help with all types of work, from composting soil to planting seeds, observing growth to making adobe bricks. Perfect to help plant dreams for communities wanting to create school gardens.

  • Cindy

    This book tells the story of how a school garden was create and the students that are responsible for its care. I love how the book uses real life images to tell the story and support the text. This would be a great addition to any STEM school library.

  • Margie

    Author/photographer George Ancona by following seasonal changes brings to readers the entire experience of creating and maintaining a school garden. Students, teachers and community members all have a vested interest. My full review: bit/12Hgexf

  • Stephanie Tournas

    Translation of the 2013 book It's Our Garden: From Seeds to Harvest in a School Garden. Through photographs, children's drawings and clear descriptive text, Ancona tells of a Santa Fe elementary school gardening project. Includes bibliography and related web sites.

  • Chrissy

    Great book. It shows all the work that goes into gardening with kids, and I especially like that the garden isn't perfect or neat, but wild, messy, dirty and real. It's also a plus that so many different garden ideas are presented.

  • Julie

    A story about the steps and precautions taken to build a school garden. It has information on how the garden grows and what is needed for it to happen.Great for kids to read fbefore maybe starting their own garden.

  • Kate MacMillan

    It’s Our Garden provides an overview of how an elementary school in started and now maintains their garden. Ancona is an award-winning photographer who provides readers with a glimpse into the workings of this school garden throughout the four seasons. IL K-3 Lexile Level 910

  • Ann

    Top Ten Crafts and Gardening Books for Youth 2013 (Booklist)

  • Heather Jo

    JUVENILE, NONFICTION, NON-FICTION, COMMON CORE, GARDENS, SCIENCE- Gardening- School Gardens- Informational Text- Narrative Text- Science- Kindergarten - 4th Grade

  • Edward Sullivan

    An attractive and informative photo essay about a community garden at a Santa Fe elementary school.

  • PamPage

    Gardening book for children shows the garden and how it is maintained at an elementary school in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Excellent photography; websites and further reading provided.

  • Kristen Lauderdale


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  • Christine

    A photo essay about an elementary school in New Mexico chronicles what happens throughout the year to the community garden they create and learn from. Informative and interesting read for all.

  • Angel Hernandez

    i dont know i want to read it