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Title : Valhalla
Author :
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ISBN : 9780451468727
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 416

Along the Greenland ice cap, an expedition team makes an astounding discovery. Buried five hundred feet below the ice cap is the wreckage of an ancient ship—and nine perfectly preserved Vikings. Rune markings indicate it went missing in 1016 BC. Energized by the find, retired Air Force general Steven Macaulay assembles the foremost scholars of Norse archaeology, includingAlong the Greenland ice cap, an expedition team makes an astounding discovery. Buried five hundred feet below the ice cap is the wreckage of an ancient ship—and nine perfectly preserved Vikings. Rune markings indicate it went missing in 1016 BC. Energized by the find, retired Air Force general Steven Macaulay assembles the foremost scholars of Norse archaeology, including Harvard academic and master decoder Lexy Vaughan. But the mission is violently sabotaged—because this discovery holds the key to a mystery that will change the human race. To put together the pieces of the puzzle, Macaulay and Lexy plunge headlong into a web of chaos and betrayal—all the while hunted by a covert primeval society that will stop at nothing to protect their secrets.

Valhalla Reviews

  • Anne Goldschrift

    So, alles klar. Ich schmeiß den Lehrerberuf hin und werde Ärchäologin. Oder Runenforscherin. Oder Nordistikerin. Ist entschiedene Sache.

  • Jodi

    I really enjoyed this book. I'm not going to state the story line; it is listed with the book in a straight forward way. I'd say that this is guy-lit: lots of action, fast paced and not much on the touchy-feely side. Just enough character development to become attached to the characters or repulsed by them. Nice sequencing too. Very entertaining. Great airport read; it will make time fly by. Follow up to this review. My husband just finished this book. He really had trouble putting it down and s [...]

  • Nek0 Neha (BiblioNyan)

    DNF @ ~80%Fuck this toxic book about a bunch of white extremists who blame all of the world’s problems on terrorists, specifically those who claim to be Muslims (or as they are referred to in the book: “Islamists”), as well as the entire African race for “spreading depravity and sickness.” When you condemn an entire group of people for the actions of ignorant, monstrous fucktards who do unimaginable things due to them being godawful human beings that has nothing to do with creed or RAC [...]

  • Terri ♥ (aka Mrs. Christian Grey)

    Quick review:Cover: Fitting Rating:PG-13 Thumbs Up:4Overall: Better than expectedCharacters: Well Written Plot: Digging up the past puts everyone in dangerPage Turner: Yes Series Cont.? Yes Recommend:YesBook Boyfriend: StevenSUMMARY (50 words or less)This is an audible daily deal. The premise sounded good, so I thought I would give it a try. And I liked it more than I thought.For a full review and yummy pic, see my blog post at:mybookboyfriend/2015/0Audio ReviewChristopher Lane does a good job w [...]

  • David Hakamaki

    Just finished Valhalla by Robert Mrazek. Valhalla appears to be the first book in a planned series of novels following either the main characters or theme. The book follows Archeologist Lexy Vaughan and former Air Force General Steven Macaulay as they are flung together to save themselves and uncover an ancient legend. A part of a research team investigating the discover of a Viking ship in the Greenland ice cap, Lexy and Macaulay are on the run from a ancient order out to protect the secrets th [...]

  • Anita

    Ein spannender Verschwörungsthriller mit wirklich sympathischen Charakteren. Die Wikinger waren auch mal ein etwas anderes Thema. Allerdings hat mir noch etwas gefällt damit mich das Buch wirklich fesselt. Insgesamt hat es mir aber gut gefallen und ich werde auch sicher den nächsten Teil lesen :-)Eine ausführliche Review findet ihr auf meinem Blog: Rezension: „Eisiges Runengrab“ von Robert J. Mrazek | Ani´s CrAzY Bookworldaniscrazybookworld.wordpress.

  • Elisa

    A fun thriller that reminded me of James Rollins. Some situations were a little too out there, and some characters were absolutely unlikable, but the story flows so fast that it's hard to stop turning the pages.

  • Ben

    I received a ARC. for review. It not affect my opinion of the book, which was good.A well written suspense thriller, part Jason Bourne , part Indiana Jones. The good story, interesting characters, good and bad, and driven climax should be enjoyed by almost any reader. VALHALLA May require the reader to stretch a. Point of credulity now and then, as do many spy/adventure thrillers, then again a great entertainment is the result.Briefly the plot concerns buried treasure, artifacts. To begin with a [...]

  • Samyann

    Read by Christopher Lane and just over ten hours of listening. Make no mistake, Valhalla is a page-turning thriller. You will be compelled to listen to what scrape the main character wriggles his way through next. The story begins with a wealthy Texan discovering a WWII aircraft beneath the Greenland ice. The author teases with conveying cargo of potentially fascinating WWII memorabilia Roosevelt gifts and letters. Exciting plot with these simple bits, right? But shortly we get into the real mea [...]

  • Lexi

    First I would like to say that I was a lucky recipient of an advanced copy of this novel from a GoodReads giveaway. This did not affect my review in any way.Overall, I enjoyed the first novel in Robert Mrazek's upcoming series. It reminded me somewhat of Steve Berry's Cotton Malone novels in the sense that it is a historical thriller mixed with political espionage. I thought the concept of Vikings was an interesting take and not something that I come across very often but while I enjoyed many of [...]

  • AliceAnn

    I won this free book from Giveaways. Thank you very much.This was an action-packed suspense novel, full of Norse mythology. There is lots of weapons lore, as well as information about helicopters and winter survival gear, which at first seemed extreme, but was used by many of the characters so it worked. There are many characters, and the POV switches between them at will. The only trouble I had with this was not being able to read the book all at once, only in bits and pieces, so I had trouble [...]

  • Vero⚯͛ △⃒⃘

    As an avid fan of Viking mythology, literature and prose I was beyond excited for this novel that seemed by the back's description like a fresh "Dan Brown-esque" novel, tackling the history of the Vikings. Viking remains are found in modern day, frozen in time ( much like Captain America- I thought) and their findings bring on murder, conspiracy and the unraveling of history. Instead of the epic I was expecting, this novel held a less than decent story line with terribly written characters. Mraz [...]

  • Dave Cutler

    I was lucky enough to receive Valhalla by Robert J. Mrazek for free as part of First Reads. I've always been interested in Norse mythology and was thrilled at the chance to read this book.This story rivals some of the great Dirk Pitt adventures. It has a little bit of everything: murder, intrigue, science, action, fanatics, people to root for, people to hate, and a dash of Washington, D.C. politics. It goes a little over the top at times, but that's to be expected in this genre. All in all, it' [...]

  • Carol

    Loved it! It's quite the adventure! Imagine being an archeologist and getting a whiff of an ancient find that would rock the world. Imagine also a large group of people willing to kill anyone who gets in their way of finding this before they do. Though the Greenland Ice Cap is nowhere where I'd want to be I was still fascinated with the dig there. Luckily, our hero Steven Macauley, Air Force general (Ret.) and Lexy Vaughan, a premier decoder of rune markings, along with a host of very interestin [...]

  • Becky

    The discovery of an ancient Viking ship and its passengers could be exactly what archaeologist Lexy Vaughan needs to find the final resting place of Leif Erikson. But when a religious sect set on eliminating all but the Norse bloodline catches wind of the discovery, everyone involved in this monumental find is in danger. Steven Macauley's best friend headed up the effort, one that actually began as a search for a lost WWII plane. They were successful in finding and recovering said plane but disc [...]

  • Jamie

    This one was pretty good all things considered. I was hoping for a bit more Viking involvement/lore. Instead, it ended up as another plot to take over the world. Seriously, think Hitler except with a Norse legend to support the effort. Some of the military details seem a bit off, and some of the events are simply too far fetched for me to visit this author again. But, it was a quick read and not a bad way to spend the time.

  • Melissa

    This book was just OK. I liked the setting in Greenland and the part about the Vikings was interesting. However it was clearly written from a male perspective and for a male audience. I was a little bit tired of hearing the male characters think about the female characters as mainly just objects. I read this one primarily because I was interested in Greenland and the Vikings. I will not be reading anymore in the series.

  • Knigoqdec

    Вече не издържаше мъчителния студ.Вечния мрак.Неспирно виещия вятър.Беше последният оцелял.Или още мъничко и накратко за книгататук

  • Monique

    Cliched writing. Predictable characters. one dimensional bad guys. lack of non-white characters except for an unnamed "Eurasian girl" flight attendant. Overuse of technical alphanumeric names of weapons, vehicles, etc. every woman described by level of beauty.

  • Kara

    Meh. Got weird and not in a good way.

  • RalitsaKoleva

    Ревю: bloodyrosered.wordpress/2

  • Mikelle Embleton

    I was very quickly sucked into this book. It started off with so much thrill and anticipation and then about half way it all faded and became mediocre. The ending was lame in my opinion though I wont ruin it for anyone who decides to give it a read. Lastly i felt like the author would randomly go on these tangents that had absolutely nothing to do with the story. Which brings me to the sexuality in this book (i admit i like clean fiction probably more than some people) but seriously is it necess [...]

  • Danm

    Fast read most of the time, but lost interest at about page 360 (there are 398 pages). It got to be too ridiculous. I started thinking to myself: I have already read "this book" 38 times. Also, some passive voice is okay, I get that, but it was everywhere. Then there's the title. Type in "Valhalla" and see how many options come up. The beginning was great. I thought it was going to be about archaeologists finding an old ship under the ice where some kind of curse brought the dead back to life, a [...]

  • Jack Hunsberger

    An extremely "meh" book. The plot and characters seemed cliche at some points. I expected the "monumental discovery" would actually be interesting; instead it was just a viking tomb that didn't have to much significance. I was disappointed.

  • Linda Kenny

    Bought this book for $2 at Half price Books for a trip. Enjoyed the short chapters and continuous action but not the dated view of women as sexual objects. The focus on Vikings was interesting but superficial. Still a good two buck read.

  • Djkowalski

    My first read of a Fictional Mrazek novel and I enjoyed it . A Dawn Like Thunder and To Kingdom Come were excellent, and superior to Valhalla , but I will go forward with more of his fiction .

  • Jenn

    A Viking thrillerwho'd have thought it? All I ask from quick-read genre books like this one is that they entertain me, and this one definitely did that.

  • Karen Berriman

    Another great book! Action, romance and history. I have never read a book by this author. I will look for some of his other books. Great read.

  • Badger

    A fun page-turner.

  • Robert Ohrstedt

    I listed to this book through audible, while commuting to/from work. For those who love gripping thrillers and dark mysteries, this book is a gem. The characters are well drawn, the protagonists are very likable and the plot, in this day and age, is all too near to being real.The books starts with an effort in Greenland to recover a WWII bomber buried under the ice, funded by a Texas oilman who has an interest in archaeology and preservation, particularly of old airplanes. Soon we're introduced [...]