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The Question: The Five Books of Blood
Title : The Question: The Five Books of Blood
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9781401223359
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 128

The Crime Bible, introduced in the pages of the hit series 52, is a near-mythical text passed on behind the scenes from master criminal to master criminal in the DC Universe. This trade paperback explores a subset of the Crime Bible known as the Five Lessons: the lesson of deceit, the lesson of lust, the lesson of greed, the lesson of murder, and the fifth part, entitled "The Crime Bible, introduced in the pages of the hit series 52, is a near-mythical text passed on behind the scenes from master criminal to master criminal in the DC Universe. This trade paperback explores a subset of the Crime Bible known as the Five Lessons: the lesson of deceit, the lesson of lust, the lesson of greed, the lesson of murder, and the fifth part, entitled "The Parable of the Faceless." Only three copies of the Crime Bible exist, and two are in the possession of The Question, an anti-hero with no face. Can she track down the final copy?

The Question: The Five Books of Blood Reviews

  • Tammy

    Greg Rucka, are you out there? Can you hear me? May I have more Renee Montoya please?

  • John Yelverton

    Very dark book that borders on the Satanic in it's presentation.

  • Kristen

    I love Renee Montoya. She's such an interesting character - not just because of personality, but also because of all the axes of inequality that intersect in her. I also happen to have a weakness for Spanish women, but that's a bonus. And those muscles on her back and arms *clears throat* OKAY. Anyway. On top of Renee being the protagonist in this book, it's written by Greg Rucka (whose other work with Renee and Kate Kane I think very highly of). Naturally, I was bound to read this book. I've be [...]

  • Benjamin Featherston

    In the aftermath of the events of "52", Rene Montoya obsessively pursues the Religion of Crime. She tells herself that it's to protect ex-lover Kate Kane, but as the questions and the bodies pile up, it is clear that she's on a much darker path.Greg Rucka's occult mystery/superhero action mashup is surprisingly unsettling. The artwork, dialogue, and plot are all exceptional. Recommended.

  • Feather Mista

    Pero qué tapa tan fea. Por suerte la historia está muy bueno y los varios dibujantes que se encargan de la faz gráfica hacen un digno trabajo. El que no hace un digno trabajo de lector soy yo, que dije que no iba a leer este tomo hasta no terminarme 52.

  • D.

    This is a collection of the CRIME BIBLE miniseries that spun out of DC's event series 52. It folllows up on several storylines that started in that series (and the amazing GOTHAM CENTRAL series before that.)The series follows Renee Montoya as she investigates the mysterious "Crime Bible" and the cult that has sprung up around it. There's some fun mythology here, and Rucka's dialogue and characterization is strong (as usual) but the whole thing feels like a build up to some big event that (as far [...]

  • Andrea

    The fact that it ends on a question is appropriate

  • Wolverina

    Excellent ideas and fascinating. A little uneven, it isn't Rucka's best work, it seems like he was a little two ambitious for 5 comic issues to be fair to. Other than that the only other problem is the assumption all readers have read 52. Normally I wouldn't have a problem with this, if this was the second in a normal series, but 52 was such a big massive crossover. The only character and storyline in 52 I have interest in is the Question so that is annoying.

  • Ernest

    This was an intriguing volume of a work I did not know anything about. I think this volume is best for those who have been following the character or are into the world, as while the story involving the Crime Bible has some interest, there is not enough there for a casual reader like myself to want to find out more about the character or the larger story. There is nothing wrong with a work being primarily for fans and for them, read and enjoy this work.

  • Mark Adams

    Ive loved the Question since the 80s when Denny O'Neil brought him back as complex philosophical Anti-hero. When Vic died in the 52 series I was crushed, but I understood because he hadn't been around for a while. And now Renee Montoya has taken over for Vic and I love the Question more than ever. While this book isn't perfect, it is good a little uneven. Much better Renee/Question stories have come since.

  • Garrett

    Not my favorite Question (I find the "religion of crime" a little silly), but the story's a requirement for the development of the Renee Montoya Question after Vic's death during the 52 stuff; not sure how much of the status quo of what's established here got changed for the New 52, but this is good stuff and complicates the character in a deep and interesting way - flawed heroes are always better, no?

  • Maria

    This is an absolutely incredible story, and a wonderful introduction (for me) to some new characters of the DC universe. I've read this completely independent from other comics, so it is possible to jump right in without knowledge of the characters or their history. However, I loved it so much I will definitely be getting the comics surrounding this story, to discover more about these intriguing characters and what led Renee to where she is now.

  • Margot

    My rating for this is low only because I had high expectations from Greg Rucka, since he's done such great stuff in other books. The story and book itself isn't that compelling, but all the extras that he made to accompany the book, and the backstory he created, make it more interesting. I only wish he had put that much effort into the actual publication!

  • Danie

    Depressing in a lot of ways, but, also really well written and I didn't mind the art too much. Plus, hey, Maggie Sawyer, Batwoman, and Renee Montoya in the same book together. I'm totally there (even if the first two only had passing parts in it).

  • Angie

    The art I could take it or leave it (it was a little uneven, at times) but character studies perfectly interlaced with action-packed and intriguing stories are my favorite thing. Greg Rucka, as usual, does not disappoint.

  • sweet pea

    i was unfamiliar with The Question going into this, although i do know Renee Montoya. the book is formatted in an interesting way. the story of an ancient cult didn't fully enthrall me, although Renee is bad-ass. the art was sometimes great, sometimes distracting.

  • Ned Leffingwell

    This was an adequately written gritty superhero book. The Question follows the trail of the bible of crime. The author's inclusion of an explanation behind the story was a god call, as it shed light onto the story. There is a nice cameo by Batwoman.

  • Judedeath

    As a huge Renee fan I really enjoyed this book, but its definatly not the best story every told with her, and it is very dependant on 52 which I haven't read for a year or two now.

  • victoria.p

    I wanted to like this more than I did, because Renee! Being awesome! But the crime bible mumbo jumbo is just annoying.

  • Dony Grayman

    Edición española que traduce 52 Aftermath: Crime Bible.

  • Snow

    read for fun

  • Shannon Appelcline

    A nice continuation of the Question storyline from 52 and a good noir piece on its own

  • Noah Soudrette

    Another great chapter in the Rucka written life of Renee Montoya, the Question. This follows on directly from events in the 52 series, though it's not required to have read those.

  • Kit

    3.5/5Although the premise is a little hokey, the art and writing was solid. Renewed my interest in reading more books about The Question, so I still call that a win.

  • Tif

    I'm a fan of the Question, but I'm not at all crazy about this version. It's not a bad collection, but I think I would have enjoyed it more with the original Question.