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Dial M for Merde
Title : Dial M for Merde
Author :
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ISBN : 9780143052104
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 416

After his disastrous American adventures, Paul West is back in France, and this time he’ll be kicking up merde all along the Cote d’Azur. Hooking up with an English girl nicknamed M that he met in Vegas, it’s a peaceful working holiday—at first. Suddenly, M becomes secretive, going off to meetings and overreacting to questions about her whereabouts. Then, a bombshell. WhilAfter his disastrous American adventures, Paul West is back in France, and this time he’ll be kicking up merde all along the Cote d’Azur. Hooking up with an English girl nicknamed M that he met in Vegas, it’s a peaceful working holiday—at first. Suddenly, M becomes secretive, going off to meetings and overreacting to questions about her whereabouts. Then, a bombshell. While M is at one of her meetings, Paul is told that she is not who she seems to be. That she is involved in a plot so sinister that she and Paul’s every move has been watched since they arrived. And if Paul doesn’t agree to stick with M and find out who she’s working for, then he’s going to prison for a long, long time as an accomplice. Suddenly the Cote d’Azur doesn’t feel quite so sunny…

Dial M for Merde Reviews

  • Barbara

    I enjoyed this book immensely, as I have enjoyed all of Stephen Clarke's "Merde" novels. This was definitely better than the last one though, which I had to make myself read at times. The wit and cleverness was ever present in this novel, where he daringly used the French President (who we know is Nicolas Sarkozy but obviously Stephen couldn't mention for fear of getting sued or worse hunted down by the French government) for laughs. I really hope he brings us more hilarity from Paul West, I'll [...]

  • Karena

    A perfect summer read for us francophiles! I wasn't let down by the author in this installment of his Merde series, or his take on French culture. He is still a wry Brit with a taste for les femmes. Following him through southern France in the wake of his girlfriend is lovely with a hint of shaken, not stirredd his girlfriend from a previous book is trying to get married into a gentille famille. Bonne Maman and her relatives are a riot!

  • Tony

    Could have (should have?) been called 'dial s'Nuff said.

  • Michelle

    Dissapointing compared to the other books in the Merde series. I felt that Stephen Clarke was a bit half hearted with this attempt. The book was humourous in places and an easy summer read but it lacked the comedy and believable storyline and characters of the other Merde books.

  • Dogsandbooks

    Very fun. Snappy pacing, absurd characters, and classic movie French atmosphere. Very enjoyable. DPL e book via Freading

  • Jill Elizabeth

    My review copy of Dial M for Merde was graciously provided by the good people at Open Road Media Marketing. Special thanks to Kayla Shaw at Open Road for reaching out and inviting me to review the book.If you’re not familiar with the “Merde” books (A Year in the Merde, In the Merde for Love, Merde Happens), you really should be. They’re a very fun collection of quirky, goofy tales about the exploits of Paul West, a British ex-pat living in France. The books are a series of first-person n [...]

  • Nonethousand Oberrhein

    “High Noon” in the “Midi”Paul West gets back to France following the events narrated in Merde Happens, but this time he’s out of Paris. Follow him as he gets stuck in a “jamesbond-esque” adventure while trying to organize a marriage party catering in a villa not so far from Marseille; cringe as he finds himself in the only possible position to save le Président A new change of setting from the two first Parisians novels and the third American one, as well as a new narration style [...]

  • Gopan

    I enjoyed this book starting from the first line. I lived in the past 15 years or so in francophone countries in which the last 3 in Paris. I felt that a lot of things Paul West described were exactly how I felt at various occasions during my life in France. Extremely witty style - I must admit. While reading how he described the status of a public toilet in Marseille or so, I closed the book and laughed for really long! I witnessed something similar while I was vacationing in the Normandie a fe [...]

  • Norbert P

    With "Dial M for Merde" Stephen Clarke not only added another account to his list of linguistic pitfalls prepared for the France-traveling Englishman, but he also wrote a really funny thriller that develops into a real page turner. Again his friends of the first book, Elodie and Jake are with Paul, and while Elodie, the genuine french woman, unravels to him the almost invisible differences in the french language that turn a dealer into a traitor, Jake seems to loose the grip on his english more [...]

  • Hrvoje

    Since I have been a big fan of Merde series, I jumped right in this book. I loved it immensely since it involves characters that I have grown to love. However, saying that, this book is not the strongest one in the series. Some parts were a bit stretched and bit harder to pull through than usual, and the whole feeling was that this instalment was a bit rushed in the production. Having all this in mind, I would still recommend it since it has that typical Franco-British wit and sharpness. It is s [...]

  • Stella

    Another funny instalment by Stephen Clarke. I have enjoyed the 'Merde' series but I have to say that none were better than the first one. It wasn't as easy a read as the others either. I felt myself distracted at times and found other things to do. In the end, it still made me giggle here and there but I don't think I would read it again.

  • Dark Lord

    Pretty much on an equal level with the other 'Merde' books. Paul West is still likeable, the books normally have three or four real laugh out loud moments and are generally really good fun. They always make me wish I was Poolside or in a cafe in France to be able to sit and read them in one sitting. Roll on the next one whenever that may be,

  • Angel Serrano

    Paul West, el famoso británico dueño de una sala de té parisino se enfrenta a una aventura al puro estilo de James Bond en la costa mediterránea francesa. El entorno estará marcado por la familia Bonnepoire, una de las grandes familias francesas que se relacionan con el presidente de la República.

  • Louis

    Fourth instalment in this comical series about a Brit living in France. Although the storylines are getting more and more far-fetched it was still a nice lifght enjoyable read.Recommend to anyone to needs a chuckle or two.

  • Joelle Anthony

    I thought this book was very funny. At first, it seemed a little slow like I didn't know what the point is, but then it just picked right up and I ended up really liking it. It seemed like a sequel, so I'll look for others (someone gave it to me).

  • Shui

    ha. Same old same old from monsieur Clarke, I really liked his previous books but the Englishman in France thing is starting to wear a bit thin. Only bother reading this is you really like him otherwise too much deja vu.

  • Jill

    This was exactly the kind of book I was looking to read -- frivolous, with the occasional linguistic pun. I read some of his other Merde books, and was surprised to find this a mystery (I know, the title). Good snow day book.

  • Ward

    Humorous with elements of a travelogue to the south of France. I enjoyed reading the book and finished it quickly but I was slightly disappointed with the ending where the plot lost some of its energy. Nonetheless, a worthwhile read and fitting addition to the curious adventures of Paul West.

  • Lisa

    Brilliant, comic genius, had me laughing out loud with the subtle mix ups of English - French translations of similar words. Please, please don't pronounce bouillabaisse incorrectly!! If you want a laugh, read this.

  • Heidi

    Really enjoyed this book. Even though I had a pretty good idea of where the book was going it just grabbed me. Maybe cause I can relate to an English speaking person attempting to figure out the nuances of the French language. I would definitely read other books by this author.

  • Chris

    This one is simply ridiculous. I have come to the conclusion that the only Paul West book actually worth reading was Merde Happens. Dial M for Merde was silly, unbelievable and not at all funny. I will not be reading book number five. I think I've had enough.

  • Nick Walker

    a book too far

  • Janet Helleberg

    Dial M for Merde

  • Xanthi

    Not as good as the previous Paul West books, but still a lot of fun. Don't look for depth or a believable plot here. What you get instead, is fun, laughs and general 'out there' action.

  • Aggie

    A very funny book which I will be re-visiting at some point

  • Barbarawombatgmail.com

    Fun read to remember the French. Set in southern France in similar location to Kate Mosse books.

  • Amber


  • Liza

    It made me laugh out loud :)

  • Offenstadt


  • Simon

    Just poorly written. Has been 5 hears since I read the first two of this series. This was either written be an average ghost writer or my taste has changed a lot since.