Stonewall's Gold: A Novel of the Civil War by Robert J. Mrazek Online

Stonewall's Gold: A Novel of the Civil War
Title : Stonewall's Gold: A Novel of the Civil War
Author :
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ISBN : 9780312254223
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 240

Winner of the Civil War Society's Seal of Approval Winner of the Michael Shaara Award for Civil War Fiction Stonewall's Gold is an adventure story for readers of all ages in the classic tradition of Treasure Island and The Red Badge of Courage. Combining a fascinating and gripping narrative with a portrait of life in the Civil War-era South, it is also the moving story ofWinner of the Civil War Society's Seal of Approval Winner of the Michael Shaara Award for Civil War Fiction Stonewall's Gold is an adventure story for readers of all ages in the classic tradition of Treasure Island and The Red Badge of Courage. Combining a fascinating and gripping narrative with a portrait of life in the Civil War-era South, it is also the moving story of a boy on the edge of manhood, taking on difficult challenges that force him to confront the world for the first time.The year of 1864 is a difficult time to be living in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia. The Civil War is drawing to a close and, under the orders of General Sheridan, Union troops have laid waste to the countryside. Against this bleak backdrop, Jamie Lockhart's mother takes on a boarder to help her eke out a living until her husband returns from the war.Soon, someone begins desecrating local soldier's graves, and Jamie, an intrepid fifteen-year-old, discovers that their boarder is the culprit. Confronted, the boarder assaults Jamie's mother; defending her, Jamie kills him. In his personal effects Jamie discovers the item he was looking for in the graveyard, a cryptic map to Stonewall's gold. Thus begins Jamie's quest.Along the way, Jamie is faced with the best and the worst in human nature, and meets a young girl and falls in love for the first time. He becomes privy to the hidden politics behind the war when he stumbles upon escaped slaves on the Underground Railroad, and he is also forced to confront the ugly realities of war and the absurdity of the lost cause in the final days of the conflict.A ripping adventure yarn, a moving coming-of-age tale, and a fascinating portrait of the difficulty of life in the Appalachians at the end of the Civil War, Stonewall's Gold is a compelling novel that is certain to appeal to teacher and student alike.

Stonewall's Gold: A Novel of the Civil War Reviews

  • Robert Mrazek

    Robert Louis Stevenson adventure like Kidnapped except with the American Civil War as a background. Perfect for time, place, and mood.

  • Jim

    It's "Treasure Island" set in the Civil War. A good well-told story that kept me turning pages as fast as I couldd on good solid research. Mrazek really brings to life the people of the Shenandoah Valley in that last desperate winter of the Civil War. Young Jamie Lockhart is our hero who uncovers a secret which endangers his life. With the information that he has, he sets out to find a hidden treasure in a war-ravaged land. But desperate men are also looking for the treasure. I've read a lot abo [...]

  • Art

    It is the last winter of the Civil War and the Union army has destroyed fields, farms and food stores to prevent the Shenandoah Valley from being a further source of supplies for the Confederate army.Jamie Lockhart and his mother are trying to survive and keep their Port Republic farm going until Jamie's father comes home from the war.Soon after they rent a room to a soldier, someone starts digging up battlefield graves. When Jamie sets out to identify the person, he triggers a series of events [...]

  • Beth Yeary

    Thanks to the local library book sale, I obtained this book. It's a fictionalized account of gold being stolen from a train during one of the battles of the Civil WAr. Hidden away by one of the theives when they had to split up, it remains buried almost until the end of the war. A fifteen year old boy obtains the map after saving his mother from a rape, and goes off in search of the gold. Along the way, he meets all sorts of characters. I enjoyed the story line.

  • Linda

    This is another Civil-War-in-the-Shenandoahs historical novel, great to read after Cold Mountain. When I read this book, I thought it was based on a true story because the author gives information at the end about the Civil War soldier who is the father of the protagonist of the novel. However, I have since found out that this is not the case, it is all fiction. (There is a line between fiction and documented fact in novels and some biographies that is growing blurrier all the time, especially i [...]

  • Laney

    Combining aspects of Robinson Crusoe, Treasure Island and Cold Mountain, this historical novel of the late Civil War was an excellent, albeit brief, read. I appreciate historical fiction that consists of good research not just into a timeline of events that occur around the novel's plot, but into the heart of the society and environment of the time as well. The main character, fifteen-year-old Jamie Lockhart is the convincing narrator, who is caught in that difficult period between being a boy a [...]

  • Karen

    Many reviewers said this is an adventure story for all ages. I agree that it has the feel of "Treasure Island" - except that there are at least two near-rapes in the book! Do middle schoolers really need this realism? I quit reading half way through because I got tired of the chase, violence, and near-death experiences. Checked to learn if there was any case in the Civil War concerning missing gold. Could not find such an experience and so the story just seemed too farfetched for me. Also, did n [...]

  • Diane Wachter

    RDC-M V 3 1999, 5/6/13. A novel about a shipment of confederate gold bars, stolen by Union soldiers, then stolen back by a group of rebs and hidden after the Battle of Manassas. A crude coded map was made and carried by the man who hid the gold. That soldier was killed and buried at Port Republic. One of his cohorts robbed soldiers grave to find the map, but he was killed when he attacked a 15 year old boy's mother, and the lad killed him. The lad set out to find the gold, as did the other cohor [...]

  • Korin Hall

    A very well-written page-turner! It was a good size for a quick read. The plot is very interesting and characters very likeable. I quickly read the Explanatory Notes at the beginning but not in detail. I liked it better that way because the Ending Notes held surprises for me. I then went back and read the Explanatory Notes at the beginning again in greater detail. It paints a picture of what it was really like during the Civil War in Viriginia. Recommended! I've already passed it on to a friend. [...]

  • John Gschwend

    I started reading this novel to compare it with mine, "Chase The Wild Pigeons." They both have teenagers as the main characters. This story is great. I don't want to say too much because I don't want to give anything away. It moves along nicely, and the relationship with the main characters is nice and believable. It takes place in the Shenandoah Valley--I've been there to research my own novel, so I could see it in my mind's eye.If you want to read a Civil War novel where the war is the backgro [...]

  • Terri

    Traveling through what was left of Virginia in the last months of the Civil War with Jamie was a thoroughly absorbing journey. This story rings with authenticity and the moral agony of civil war is very clearly illustrated. The characters are alive, both admirable and pitiable, and their differing motivations and desires well defined. I would heartily recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys a true adventure based in a most turbulent time in American history!

  • Robin

    I liked this one. It is based on the belief that there was a shipment of gold coming to the Confederacy from France (I think I have that right) and the fact that it was lost. Its been numerous years since this I read this but I recall it being good and definitely worth reading. I think it gets its name from the fact that Stonewall's Troops had some part in transporting the gold.

  • AraBD

    Leído en español en una compilación de Reader's Digest.No conozco mucho del tema de esta guerra y no me agradó la historia, pareciera dejar en mal al protagonista pues cometió muchos errores que para lo que estaba viviendo no parecen concordar.

  • Vitor Frazão

    Este livro não passa de um apressando conjunto de eventos empilhados, sem qualquer tentativa séria de gerar uma ligação entre o leitor e as personagens e a história em si é fraca. Não fosse por teimosia, tê-lo-ia abandonado a poucas páginas do início.

  • Cindy

    This was a wonderful ride from cover to cover and a must read for any civil war readers. It's an afternoon well spent in a race and adventure equal to my childhood readings of Treasure Island, etc. Enjoy!

  • Rae

    A young Southern boy gets caught up in the search for a wagonload full of gold belonging to the Union. This is a sweet historical coming-of-age story.

  • Blaine Morrow

    Great read! Some coming-of-age, some adventure, some historical fiction: all fun and well-paced.

  • Katy

    3.5 stars/5.

  • Amy

    Interesting Civil-War era fictional mystery novel a quick read but I enjoyed it very much.

  • Sal4gal

    Civil War story about a map and treasure at the end of the war. Talked a lot about the low-life's that steal and murder.

  • Amanda

    Great! Thanks to my neighbor Judy this book was a great escape for me! Historical, adventurous, fun and the ultimate escape after working all day!!

  • Sonny

    It reminded me of Treasure Island set during the American War Between the States. I liked Robert Louis Stevenson's version better.

  • Kenneth Baird

    Fun mystery set at the end of the civil war.